The Zoo Keepers Part 3

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Don was shaking with anticipation Saturday afternoon, practically jumping out of his skin when the doorbell rang at four. He opened the door and exhaled with relief when he saw Kelly. “I wasn’t sure you’d come,” he said.

“A promise is a promise,” she said.

“Come on in,” Don said. I want you to meet someone.” He led Kelly to the kitchen where he opened a door to the back yard and whistled. A big happy Great Dane trotted in and immediately got on his hind legs, putting his front paws on Kelly’s shoulders.

“This is Bruno,” Don said.

Kelly, trembling with both fear and anticipation, asked, “Is he…is he for me?”

Don shoved Bruno away from Kelly. “Down,” he said. Bruno sat, his ears perked as he waited for his next command.

Don led Kelly into the living room where he slid off her sundress. “Let’s get these off you, too,” he said as he dragged her panties to the carpet. “Have a seat.”

Kelly, seemingly in a trance, sat down, spreading her legs when Don lightly touched her knees. Satisfied that Kelly was ready, Don whistled. Bruno bound into the room, headed straight for Kelly and buried his head between her thighs, licking her furiously with his enormous tongue.

“Oh, God,” Kelly cried. “This feels so good.”

“Let me help,” Don said. He positioned himself next to Kelly and started massaging her breasts and squeezing her nipples.

“Yes,” Kelly cried. “Yes.”

When Don decided the time was right he commanded Bruno to move away and helped Kelly turn so she was on all fours, her upper body draped on the edge of the couch. When he whistled again Bruno raced toward Kelly and rammed his prick into her.

“Oh my God,” Kelly shouted. “He’s huge. Jesus. He’s coming. His knob—his knob is gigantic. I…I’m coming. I’m coming.”

“Bruno’s gonna be in you for fifteen minutes or so,” Don said. “Let’s put that time to good use.” He stripped out of his clothes and, his cock as hard as a rock, slid down between Kelly’s head and the edge of the couch. Kelly needed no instructions—she immediately took him into her mouth and began a slow, sensuous blow job.  “That’s it,” Don whispered. “No need to hurry.”

Don briefly thought about how weird it was to be getting a blow job from a woman who had a dog dick stuck inside her but he put that thought out of his mind. Instead he concentrated on the back of Kelly’s head and her beautiful hair as she slowly took him in and out of her throat. He managed to hold off until Bruno slid out of Kelly and trotted strolled away. He was on the verge of coming when Kelly cried out, “Fuck me in the ass. Fuck me in the ass like a dog does—fast.”

Don was momentarily stunned but he wasted little time before getting behind Kelly to ram his dick up her butt. “Faster,” she shouted. “As fast as you can.”

His mind was a blur as he tried to move his hips as rapidly as possible. When he came he let out an animalistic howl, a howl soon accompanied by a similar howl from Kelly. He pushed as deep inside her as he could until his cock was halfway limp.  Kelly sighed and used her muscles to push him out. “That was phenomenal,” she said. “Unbelievable.”

“I thought you’d like it,” Don said. “Let’s take a shower and have some dinner.”


After Don put Bruno outside with a big steak to eat, he and Kelly, wearing only terrycloth robes, sat down to eat their steaks. Kelly sipped some wine, studied Don and asked, “Are you sure you don’t think I’m perverted?”

“I think you’re an incredibly beautiful woman with some…um…different expectations,” Don said.

“Different,” Kelly said. “I guess you could say that, but not as different as you might think.”

“So I gather from what you told me,” Don said. “Eat all your steak. It’ll give you energy. You’re going to need it.”

“You mean…we’re not done?”

“We’ve barely begun.”

“Oh, my. I can’t imagine…”

“Try,” Don said with a laugh, “Try to imagine.”


After Don and Kelly cleaned the dishes, Don opened the back door to let Bruno in. “Stay,” he said. Bruno obediently sat down and awaited his next instruction.

Don led Kelly to the living room where he shoved off his robe and hers. “Damn,” he said. “You are really beautiful. You could have any man you want.”

“I know,” she said. “And you could have any woman you wanted.”

“Yeah…but right now I want you.” He sat on the living room carpet, held his stiff prick straight up and told Kelly to get on top of him. After she impaled herself on his prick he said, “You’re going to have to provide guidance for Bruno.”

“You mean…”

“Yes.” When Don whistled Bruno bound into the room and mounted Kelly. She quickly reached behind her back, grabbed his penis and guided it into her ass. “Oh my God,” she cried. “This is…this is…oh, Jesus. His knob. His knob.”

“I feel it, too,” Don said. He started pounding Kelly, making sure Bruno’s knob pressed up against his dick. While he was slamming into Kelly he was shocked to hear her say, “I love you. I want to marry you. I’m asking you to marry me. Please.”

“But we hardly know each other,” Don said.

“I know enough,” Kelly said. “You’re exactly what I want in a man.”

“But you said you weren’t into exclusive relationships and…”

“It doesn’t have to be exclusive on your part if you don’t want it to be.”

“I would never…”

“Then say yes.”

“Yes. Jesus Christ, yes.”

“Come with me, Don. I…I’m coming. Come with me.”

Don and Kelly locked lips, kissing furiously until their orgasms subsided. “Don’t move,” Kelly said. “I want to do something.”

She sat up just enough to take Don’s semi-hard cock out of her pussy and then positioned it at her butt hole. “Just for a few seconds,” she said. “I just want to feel you inside me. I love you so much.”

“Kelly,” Don said as he tried not to come again. “You gave me an idea with your story about dog walking and your cousin. Can I tell it to you?”

“You can tell me anything you want or do anything you want.”

Ten minutes later Kelly moaned when she felt Don’s cum pouring into her. “Oh, Don,” she whispered. “We were meant for each other. Do you think you can come again?”

“I’m pretty sure I can.”

“Your idea is marvelous, so marvelous that I want to…” Kelly lifted off Don and began to slide down his body. “I’m gonna give you the blow job of a lifetime,” she said.

“But Kelly. You…I should clean…”

“Uh uh,” Kelly said. “I’ll be able to taste your cum, Bruno’s cum, my own cum and…you know. It’ll be like a smorgasbord.”

Don knew it was useless to argue so he laced his hands behind his head, lay back and enjoyed his blowjob.  This is fucked up, he thought. Wonderfully fucked up.


Diana Barnes, dressed in a tiny string bikini, stood in her kitchen pouring vodka into a glass of orange juice and looking out at the pool where her husband Brent lay smoking a cigar. If he wasn’t the richest man in town she’d have nothing to do with him, but he was very generous with her so she put up with his belly, his tiny dick and his inability to last more than thirty seconds when they fucked.

With her blonde hair, blue eyes, a nip here, a tuck there, a butt lift and surgically implanted breasts Diana, even though she was nearly fifty years old, could have any man she wanted, including men half her age. But the prenup she signed was ironclad so she had to be extremely cautious. After a few sips of her potent drink she lowered her hand down the front of her bikini bottom and slowly began to massage her clit as she tried to decide which vibrator she was going to use after Brent fell asleep.

It was no wonder, then, that she broke into a sweat and began to tremble when her phone rang and she saw the caller ID—D and K Farms.

“Hello? Oh, hi Kelly. A new acquisition? Oh, my. How…um…large…fourteen inches? Oh, my. And how much to meet…a thousand? That seems fair. Afterward could Dan…both of you? That sounds wonderful. Brent plays golf on Saturday mornings so would eight be okay? Sure. I’ll tell Gloria and Suzie. See you Saturday.”

Diana took a deep breath, exhaled and walked outside. Sitting next to Brent she said, “I just got a call from that young couple that run the animal rescue farm. They got a new animal. A Shetland pony. I’m gonna go see it Saturday morning.”

“Christ,” Brent said. “I hope you’re not gonna give them another donation.”

“Of course I am,” Diana said. “I was thinking about a thousand dollars.”

Brent blew a cloud of smoke and snorted. “A thousand? That’s a lot of…”

Diana took off her top and smiled at Brent. “It makes me happy to help them. You want me to be happy, don’t you?”

“Well, I…”

Diana lowered Brent’s bathing suit and began to stroke his limp dick. “Don’t you?”

“Of…of course,” Brent stammered.

After lowering her head and giving Brent’s half-hard cock a lick, Diana said, “I’m going to go Saturday while you play golf.”

Brent closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure. “Okay. By the way I’m going to leave a little earlier on Saturday. The last time I went the practice range was packed. It was a total fucking zoo.”

Diana lowered herself onto Brent’s stiff, albeit tiny, prick and murmured, “Mmmm hmmm.”

“Oh, God,” Brent whispered. “Hey. I just thought of something. We’re both going to a zoo, aren’t we? You’re going to a real zoo and I’m going to a total fucking zoo. Funny, huh?”

Diana was so aroused that she managed an orgasm despite barely feeling Brent.

“Total…fucking…zoo,” she said as each wave of her orgasm whipped through her. “Funny.” In the back of her mind she was laughing. You have no idea what a total fucking zoo I’m going to. No idea at all.


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