Little chef

I smile as I see Mistress car in the distance. Elated and proud that she wants me enough to meet me here, even though I suspect its because I embarrass her and she won’t pick me up anywher more public . I don’t know where we’re going. I don’t care. A


Mommy’s in the shower again. She seems to take long showers just when I’m wanting to get ready nowadays. It makes me cross – she ALWAYS seems to do it right when I need to be in the bathroom.

“Moommmmyyyy! – get out of the shower!!”

Getting tested

Her breath touched my face in the darkness as she looked deeply into my eyes. A stir of longing went through me as her face drew closer; close enough so that she brushed my cheekbones with hers; close enough that our lips were just a hairs breadth ap

In the pool

s I relax in the pool, watching the strings of cum wash away from my body, I shiver inside. It runs through me like an electric charge, warming me, exciting me, stimulating me. I feel exhausted, but I haven’t really done anything apart from let my bo

Bound to happen

I wake – my knees are pushed uncomfortably against the rough sheets and my shoulders ache from being in the same position for so long. My heavy head dropped between my shoulder blades I stare at the bedclothes catching glimpses of movement, clothing,

Spanking slut

His swollen balls bounced repeatedly off my exposed asshole, my legs held high above my head and my back arched to accommodate the position and the enormous length being pounded inside my tight hole. Unexpectedly, and with a gasp and a shudder, I tig