A Wet Day In The Country – Part Two

Marie slipped her dress on again, fastening just four of the buttons for decency’s sake as we hurried on towards our ‘fucking place’ as we called it. We were both eager for more excitement following our recent bit of watersports fun, and I for one wa

A Wet Day In The Country – Part One

It was a warm, sunny Sunday in July, and Marie and I caught the bus to Ringinglow, on the outskirts of Sheffield (this was in the days before I passed my driving test). We alighted at a well-known public house, The Norfolk Arms, and went inside. Afte


Sue, basically, was a slut.

Since falling pregnant aged 15 to the first boy for whom she had spread her legs (an occurence which she used as an ideal opportunity to leave home and escape from her father, who had interfered with her ever since

Back Door Entry

After losing my virginity with Marie, I could not get enough of her sweet cunt and we would fuck whenever and wherever the opportunity arose. Marie had no trouble assisting me to discover the many different aspects of sex, as she was as horny and adv


I first met Marie when she came to work at the department store in which I worked. From the first time I saw her I was madly in lust with her. She was beautiful, with long blonde hair which was parted down the middle and hung straight down to the bas