mystical pirate part 4

Chapter four

Kristi had been a “guest” of the captain now for several weeks. Just how many she was unsure, as they all seemed to run together in her mind. She had come to love her sessions with the captain, and the sweet kiss he would som

mystical pirate part 3

Erotica: kiss of rapture

What now! That was the first thought she had on awakening, and finding some kind of halter in her mouth. She ran her tongue around, and felt the soft plastic covering her teeth. The captain was standing by the table,

mystical pirate part 2 captivity

Erotica: Captivity

She woke, surprising not groggy from any of the drugs she had been given. But then she really didn’t know how long she had been sleeping, overnight, a day, longer? She didn’t feel injured and was still wearing the sam