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Hi I'm Emily Spooner! I'm 19, bisexual, slim, 5'7, white skin, c cups, with brown hair, eyes and I keep the back in a ponytail. I'm looking for a woman or a guy who will roleplay as a dominate woman, whos hot, playful, naughty, and aggressive Here's my fantasy: I'd be wearing black tight gym shorts that hug my ass, a half gray tanktop that covers just the curve of my boobs, a matching pair of black and purple bra and thong, and my gloves, and a purple hair tie keeping the back of my hair in a ponytail, but my messy bangs falling over my forehead. We are boxing for money in front of a large crowd in a best of five, but you have more on your mind than the prize (my curves) and abuse them in the match, while I, known for my clean fighting, don't want to sink that low. You'll beat my tits, ass and crotch like a speed bag, and slap them about in your mma fighting gloves, the crowd will cheer for more. The first round ill be knocked out with a tit KO, and counted out, the second I hope for a lot of embarrassment and humiliation and to be bent between the ropes over, and you yank my thong out and jill me until I have an explosive wedgie orgasm, then let me drop for a second KO. The third one ill be exhausted and you completely overpower me, stripping me slowly, beating, slapping, until im naked, dazed in the middle of the ring, and you deliver a hard uppercut to my tits knocking me to the floor, limbs spread, crotch exposed, and you pin me with your foot between my tits. Once the count out is done, you get your tools of my destruction, a strapon that cums, whips, whipcream, powder, handcuffs, whatever, and humiliate me sexually in front of everyone. ;) My email is emilyspooner255@live.com message me if you want to dominate me!