the sales call,part one.

Andre` was settling into his morning routine-coffee,paper,whole grain muffin-he liked to eat healthy-when his phone rang.
`yes?` Oh,I had forgoten-please send her in,Bert.`
A woman entered his office. As she quickly tried to take in Andr


The line -up had already started,despite the drizzle,the cold,and the early hour on a Monday morning.
It was a rag-tag assembly of people,young girls,some alone,some with a guy,some with another girl. All were here to try out for the chance to a

Gas station

so,I called up Claudia for my usual early evening appointment. We usually met in the late afternoon,so I could say that I worked late. She would spank me,torment me in varoius ways,and then we would engage in some discussion of smbd,and I would leave

the session,part 2

He had a cock that,even limp,looked as big around as a soup can,and he placed it a fraction of an inch from my lips.
`My,it is big isn`t it?` Claudia was about to get into it.
`I know that you secretly enjoy this,my dear. I`ve seen how yo

the session,part 1

`Are you paying attention at all,boy??!!!`
You would think I was concentrating on what was happening. After all,there I was,stark naked and secured to a St.Andrew`s cross.Claudia had been whipping me with her cat-o-nine tails for at least ten