Long Time Since…Part 3

Long Time Since… Part 3

Ahhhh….the best part…..
Eventually, I spot the cigarettes on the dresser, stepping over him; I lean over the dresser to pick them up. That’s when I feel his hands on my ass cheeks. Roughly he pulls them wid

Long Time Since…(part 2)

Long Time Since (Part 2)

“I told you to be ready”, he whispers into my ear. H begins slapping my ass, first one side then the other. I whimper, just a little, keeping my ass well within his reach. He continues spanking me until the chee

Long Time Since….(part 1)

Long Time Since….

“Its Okay,” he’ll call I think to myself. Steadily I lose all hope. Well damn, there’s always tomorrow. My mind, however, rebels at the thought. In my head, the images of us together clamor for recognition. <br