Mistress Sadie's new young slave

i met mistress Sadie on the internet. I read a few of her stories online, and was able to contact her. I was lucky enough to chat with her, and get to know her. It was not long until she had me under her spell just like the other hundreds of slaves.

Catwoman's secret slave part 2

He kissed the sole of her foot “I’m sorry Madame you are right, I was selfish” “well I’m glad you realize that, but you don’t think I will let such an act go unpunished?” “No Mistress, I’m sorry” “oh you will be” she said with a wicked smile. The

Catwoman's secret slave


This is some background information on the main characters of this story. If do not want to read it, then just skip to the story

Catwoman has lived a tough life. Her real name is Selena Kyle, she is 5 7, with gre

queen jennifer part 3

Honey moon

This is the story of me and my wife’s honey moon. We had a really small wedding because she didn’t want a lot of people to know she was getting married to me. After the wedding we went on a cruise for 4 days. Of course I had to pay for

queen jennifer part 2

started beating me, whipping me and trampling me. Goddess Jennifer and Ashlee just laughed and counted the money as I was suffering. It was horrible they were spitting on me sitting on me peeing on me jumping on me .one of them made me lick their p**

Slave to Queen Jennifer

Intro: long and detailed but it’s a good story
Hi my name is Tim Johnson, and this is the story of how I became slave to my wife Jennifer. First let me start off by describing the both of us. I am 26 years old with dark brown hair and brown eyes w



hi my name is Tim Robinson, I am an average looking white male with short brown hair and brown eyes standing 6 feet tall. Today I am my wife’s complete slave and this is the story of how I became her possession. My wife’s name is Ashlee Mi

from romance to dominance

When I was 20 years old, me and my girlfriend moved into an apartment in Manhattan. We were lucky enough to find a very nice place that was cheap at the same time, and it was located on the north side of town. Both me and my girlfriend had well payin