A Cold Winter Weekend Part1

Part 1
The cold harsh weather outside had trapped Cassandra and I in this moutain cabin for days now. Even though we were just friends I soon developed a passionate thing for her. I was unsure if she noticed it or not but I had been fantasizing ab

A Night To Remember

Here I am 21 and all on my own. It was my first time living in my own house and the surroundings couldn’t be better. My place sat in the middle of a swanky, fun-filled city by the ocean. This day was the busiest of all year. It was the town’s annual

When two Becomes Three

On a warm summer evening I sat on the couch waiting for Emalina to arrive. The television was not of intrest to me at this point. Some infomercial I’d seen a hundred times was on. Suddenly I felt a breeze on my bare arms. I looked up to see Emalina-