My Cousin n Me!Part 1

My cousin Chase and I were always really close.We had been this way since I was 2 and him 4.He was probably the one I was closest to in my family since I had no other sibilings and the rest of my cousins way younger than us.I was so excited on the fi

One Hell of a Date

Colton looked up from his menu,gazing at the black eyed beauty across from him.She was twirling a thin strand of raven hair while trying to decide what she would feast on that night.She looked up and gave him a sexy smile and took a sip of her marari

Best friends get a little out of hand.

Best friends,Heather and Lyndi,had been planning a sleepover on Friday night,since that was the first day of summer.Heather and Lyndi were both would be going into their senior year in highschool.Heather had straight,chocolate brown hair,that fell ov