Irene takes it all

Irene was a hot brunette and she knew it. When she walked her large breasts bounced up and down. It almost seemed as if they were going to fall out of her low cut shirt every time she stepped. Her perky ass was tightly wrapped in her blue jeans an

Are you an animal lover Jen?

When Lord reentered he had a big brown dog with him. The dog was placed before Sarah who immediately started sucking his swollen cock. It was obvious they did it before. Sarah got on all 4 and Kinky helped the dog up on her. Soon they were fuckin

Jennifer becomes a Nasty Slut

For what it seemed a few days Jennifer was left alone with tapes and food which consisted mostly of various kinds of meat. She ate everything and watched the tapes afraid of Lord coming back. She couldn’t believe all the things women were doing i

Jennifer continues to learn

After a short sleep Jennifer woke up in her cell. She found a note next to her bed that said “Congratulations you did well at your first task. You will watch the tapes we left you. You will be tested so don’t miss anything. This is a slut who

Capturing of Jennifer

Jennifer was a goodlooking 35 year old woman. She worked at a bank as a customer service rep, had a charming boyfriend who worked for the same bank. She had her own apartment since she still after 5 years with Roger did not feel like moving in with