Xenia Chapter 13 and a half

“Master, here is my lists. I hope they are pleasing.”

“Shhhhh-You weren’t told you could speak.” He looked over the list carefully. He frowned and smiled. Xenia watched his face, looking for clues, cues for his next move.

Washing Master wit

Xenia Chapter 12

5 pleasures for Master and 5 punishments for me. What could Master like? What would be a punishment that would actually punish?

Some things can be both. Pleasure can turn into punishment as forced orgasms over and over or punishment into pleasure

Xenia Chapter 11

I was ready by 7:00 am for Master. Better early than late. When Master came down it was 9:30 am or so. Breakfast, as usual was just enough and healthy. Master takes good care of his belongings.

“Slave. You’ve got some experience exposing yourself

Xenia Chapter 10

I knew what he meant by toothy. I had sucked his cock and licked his balls. Occasionally a tooth touched his cock. He said it wasn’t painful, but it was annoying and showed that he needed to improve my oral technique. Every time a tooth touched his

Xenia Chapter 9

“Slave. Wake up.” Master’s voice commanded. I looked up and there was no Master present. The lights had come on and I saw the computer scene on the table had a wake up call.
“What time IS it?” I wondered. I was able to get to the front bars of my

Xenia Chapter 8

I signed a digital signature to the contract, I also sent Master my contact list. I didn’t want to risk cheating and with-holding anyone from my humiliation that I must endure and learn to love even more. Some of the names were harder to send than ot

Xenia chapter 7

“Slave. Get up and mop the floor, when you’re done come and assume position prone 2. Position Prone 2 is on your knees, knees apart shoulder width, waist bent with your face to the ground, arms spread over head along the ground. Your tongue then shou

Xenia Chapter 6

My hands were lowered and cuffed behind me. I felt one of the men feel my cunt one last time, he pushed his hand around to let me know my legs should be farther apart and he felt it thoroughly. I was well lubed from my own horniness and he slipped hi

Xenia chapter 5

I stood naked and spread eagled, chained to the wall for quite some time. The dungeon was kept very warm. I was hungry, but I kept telling myself a good slave waits for their master’s orders to eat. Perhaps he wanted me to gain better self control, o

Xenia chapter 4

It seemed like hours. Was it? Master’s cunt that he owns spread apart, the clit prominent and unobstructed from touch or view. Only the air to caress it. I wished the air had more substance. I’m sure if I could see, the hole would be spread open, inv

Xenia chapter 3

I awoke naked as usual. I am starting to get used to being naked and clothes are starting to seem restrictive. I also have begun to feel only superiors should be private and dressed, as a masterly right. A declaration of their authority. Slaves shou

Xenia Chapter 2

The next morning I woke up to a bit of a tender clit and surprised to find myself naked. “Oh-yeah-Master told me to” I didn’t want to rise yet- Yawning I rolled over and fired up the laptop.
“I’ll call Master when I’m more awake,” I thought. “I hate

Xenia Series 1

I sat at the key board, staring at the monitor for the 10th time today. “That slave ad. I just have to try it. It’s online. I can quit anytime I want to.” I clicked the ad and “Master” answered. “So, you want to be a slave, do you?”
“Sounds like a

3holes Begins Her New Life

First thing in the morning her black head hood was removed and she was stood in front of a basin to wash it and hang it up to dry. She was given a breakfast of a can of slave food much like dog food but formulated for “human” slaves. It was placed in

3holes down the gangplank

3hole stood naked, humiliated and horny at the top of the gangplank. Her hands were still bound behind her. Her mouth hole had been uncovered and a ball gag inserted. She could see the crowd gawking and nudging each other, pointing and taking picture

Flight to Owner's

Property was unsecured from the stage and led blindfolded to a waiting limo with tinted windows. She had no idea of where she was going, but they spoke another language though some of the people seemed to also speak only English, so there was mixed c

Slave is Sold

Property finished cleaning the house. Lord was very fussy today about it and wanted every nook and cranny scrubbed. Property was grateful Jack didn’t make her lick the floors clean this time. She was tired. Sleepy. Jack per his usual watched her clea

The Interesting Walk Home slave series

The two men were groping Thing’s tits, ass and cunt. She obediently spread her legs as trained when they began to reach, making it easier. “Lord would be so proud”-Thing thought.

She had noticed her clit getting tingly and moist, she was sure

HOw Kenda discovered Her Real Nature


Kenda had been reading a little about s