I had a dream last night that I was back at my first job, working as a busboy at DiMartino’s Italian Restaurant. We are closed and I am clearing off a table, when Clay, a waiter, comes up to me and starts yelling at me about a tip that he has suppose

Kevin's Second Lesson

I was surprised when Kevin called me, almost three weeks after I had tied him to my bed and fucked him up the ass. At the time, to get him to cooperate, I had lied and told him I was videotaping the session, and that in a week, he could have the tape

Teaching Kevin A Lesson

When I came out about a year ago, there were three people I didn’t tell: my parents, and Kevin.
I’ve known Kevin since high school, and I’ve never been able to stand him. He’s the hugest homophobe in the world, and an asshole to boot.