Bam Margera and Me

I was turning the age of 24, I loved to skateboard and loved the music of the time. Yet, something amazing happend…

At 3 am i was woken up in a scream of terror. My cell phone had rang to the song of Escape From Hellview for cKy. It was my f

Me and My Chemistry Teacher!

I was sitting in my chemistry class we was doing a lab with hydrochloric acid and Sodium i think anyways. I accendently drop the acid *which is very very very corricive* on the floor. My very attractive Teacher Mr. dunn told me to stop cleaning it up

Mr. Smith my new master!

It was my Freshman year of high school. New to the staff and faculty, but one faculty member I grew fond of was my Alegabra teacher Mr. Smith. He was about the age of twenty-six was about 5’11” blonde hair, blue eyes built, and was the head coach of