Sorority Sluts

Sorority Sister at a different house hear about me and the twin pledges having sex for all the sorority sisters to watch and enjoy. Then decided to us me for a sex toy for the Pledges. At this Sorority House the object for the sex play was to have me

My first BJ with Miss Wilsuc.

I was in school and it was an average day until around 3 in the afternoon when I saw my favorite female teach who was around 30 years old i guess. I always got a hard on when I saw her because she was my fantasy older women. I needed to go to the res

Twins and Me

I was a senior in college and I was taking a walk off campus near most of the sorority houses. When I saw this pair of red haired twins. They looked like maybe they were lost or looking for someone. They asked me if I was a college student and how ol