My goddess 2

I slept very peacefully that night. I awoke that morning thinking everything was a dream. I was a Saturday which meant no school. After I washed up and change clothes I called my friend and asked about his sister. He said she was fine and thanked me

My Goddess

Raymond was your average 17 year old.He was a junior in high school. He wasn’t exactly popular and his dad didn’t make it easy for him.Ray wasn’t allowed to go out with girls and every time he tried his dad screwed it up. Sometimes he wished somethin

Jessica Alba shows me just how fantastic she is

I work on a lot of sets so it’s no surprise when I see a movie star. One actress caught my eye, and that was Jessica Alba. She was so hot. Every part of her body was perfect. Her eyes,hair,skin, her large 34c breast and her heart shaped ass were enou

My English Teacher And Me

I was walking into my favorite class.It was english class.I know what ur thinking it’s english class.You have to read and write essays,and open-ended questions.My english teacher was so fuckin hot I didn’t care about all that other stuff.She’s tall,d

LindsayLohanshowsmewhat she thinksofme part 3

I woke up and saw Lidsay sleeping with her head on my shoulder and arm on my chest.I just admired her beauty and gentlely touched her face with my hands.Slowly she opened her eyes and smiled when she saw me.Lindsay gave me a kiss and got up out of be

LidsayLohanshows me what she thinksofme part 2

It was morning and I made Lind say and myself some breakfast.After I finished I went to take a shower. Then I put my clothes on since regetfully I had to leave for work.
“Hey are you going somewhere Ray?”
“Sorry,Lindsay I have to go to work. If

Lindsay Lohan shows me what she really thinks ofme

I was walking down a street in the pouring rain.Unfortunately I didn’t have an umbrella. It was about 11pm at night and I was leaving work and was heading home. As I was about to going inside my apartment I heard a scream. I ran into the alley and fo

the chance of a lifetime part 2

Dana woke up to find herself in Ray’s arms. She looked at the clock and saw it was only 4am, so she went back to sleep. At 6:45 Ray woke up Dana, telling her they would be late for school. So they got ready, ate some breakfast and walked to school. I

The chance of a lifetime

Dana and Ray were called to the front of the classroom by their teacher Mr.Gilmer.Dana was failing the class and needed to bring her grade up.So he suggested Ray tutor her at her house everyday after school.Dana didn’t like the idea of being tutored.

Tom's fantasty with a star comes true

It would be the concert Tom would be going to. he was so excited he would get the chance to meet his favorite celebrity, britney spears. he had backstage passes and had decided to fine meet his goddess of beauty. he had always dreamed of having a int