Jim's CFNM Experience

Jimm knocked on the door and was greeted by an 18 year old blonde girl wearing a very short pink frilly skirt and a tight pink top, her sexy, fit tight

stomach showing between the top and her skirt. You must be Jimm she said looking at him wi

Master Jimm – Part 2

Jimm had a few hours before the return of his girlfriend and made good use of his time. The first thing he did was to ring Mel’s brother who gave him the low down on spankings and how it was administered in their family. He also went down to the loca

Master Jimm – Part 1

Jim went to University at age 18. He had finished his exams at school, done well and arrived at Uni looking forward to a fun packed 3 years.

In his first week he met and fell in love with a beautiful young lady called Melany. Over the next fe