A Lil Dirtiness in the Girls Bathroom!

Well it was now just turning into the lunch break and i wasnt feeling that hungry at all. On my way to the lunch hall i was walking by the girls large restroom and someone had pulled me into the bathroom. At first i protested then looked and saw my g

A lil bit of more Dirtiness on Campus

Next day had arrived and I was so ready! Earlier this morning i was practicing my karma and keeping my hormones under control so I could have fun with Debra again and this time her friend. I wonder who was it going to be and I wonder who is Bi and wo

A lil Dirtiness on Campus Prt 1

After coming out of my late classes I had thoughts of an old friend in my head. As I was walking about I saw what looked like this old friend so I stopped and questioned her her name. To my surprise it was her. She stood at 5’9 long and silky smooth