School Ruled By Freaks, 5th class

so my 3rd class, 1st day, went pretty normal. except for what happened to this girl jessica. she was the victim of that class, and now i’m about to go to my 5th class.

i walked into the classroom, in my tiny little vinyl skirt that covered onl

Controling Boyfriend, Innocent Virgin

He calls ” im in my way home now get ready where going to the movies tonight,”
Ok i just gotta shower 1st, the house is already clean
Ok just dont take too long, i’ll be there soon
Ok, i’ll try

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School Ruled By Freaks

School of freaks!

“So i see your triyng to get into the school arent you”
“well yeah, my parents sent me they heard it was a great school ,”
“Good, this is a great school, the best school, you wont regret it, you will learn alot here but a