His Descent into Slavery 30

The rules were simple,
To be intimate, as though we had known each other for years.
Make sure each others genitals were touched and licked.
To ignore that we were on display and talk to each other in a sexual way.
To have sex on the hour, each h


I woke at the sound of the trap door being unlocked. Then there was a clicking sound of shoes and mistress Eve came into my sight. She leant forward showing her cleavage and pulled the tape from my mouth, then the rag. She started undoing the buckles

flight to OWK

The mistresses just stood there waiting for Margaret to leave. Next a rectangular box appeared made of the finest wood. They opened it to reveal an enclosure with 3 silk hollows that should have gold nuggets sitting in them. A mistress approached wi

His Decent into Slavery 27

I had looked at the calender. 11 months had gone since I was brought to the chateau. My mistress was still in jail having assaulted a government official during an inspection of a building renovation of the chateau. Mistress Sienna had taken over fro

His decent into Slavery 23

As I walked outside the sun came from behind a dark cloud and shone. It was if to say “I’m like you, but now I shine.” It’s warmth was beautiful on my naked skin. I was free to walk around the garden without anyone directing me. I somehow felt lost

his Decent into Slavery 22

I was taken out into the courtyard and hung from an old hayloft beam. The sun was warm on my naked body. I hadn’t seen much of it since I’d been here. Slave girls walked back and forth past me as I hung there by my hands stretched to my limit.
I was

his Decent into Slavery 21

A slave then undid my shackle to free me from Mistress Sarka. The Mistress then whispered into my ear.

“I hope you haven’t made me pregnant as it wouldn’t be good for business. I mean a pregnant mistress handing out some BDSM. However, if you hav

His Decent into Slavery 20

Finally the mating was over. We were released from each other. Aneta was full with my sperm. She kissed me as she left the room. I wondered whether I would really see her again.
I was now led to a room where a bed had been prepared for me. Cuffs we

his Decent into Slavery 19

The curtains had remained closed as I stood there on the stage with my arms attached to the wooden pole and legs spread wide. The door then reopened and the 2 slave girls walked in carrying a bag. My penis still sported a raging erection after the di

His Decent into Slavery 18

My weary legs pulled the buggy into the court yard.

“I want it in the stable slave. Now back up until I tell you to stop.”

She pulled my reins back hard only letting go when the buggy was where she wanted it. She then alighted from it came roun

his Decent into Slavery 17

It was 9am when Margaret picked me up from the chateau for my ponyboy weekend. I was excited as this was my first trip away from the chateau in months and a chance to see the countryside. I’d never tried riding a horse so I was looking forward excite

his Decent into Slavery 16

As we entered the 2 slave girls greeted us and took Doreen’s bag.
There was champagne laid on for her, an enormous bed and a large spa in the corner. A queening chair was also in the room. The balcony over looked the courtyard out to the Alps. It wa

His Decent into Slavery 15

As I hung there I wondered about what had just happened. I had probably made a mistress from OWK pregnant at her request. I could start to feel my testicles moving. What was happening to them I thought. I started to sleep again when Margaret came in.

His Decent into Slavery Chapter 14

Rebecca finished showering and got dressed to meet up with Margaret for breakfast. The door closed I was once more in my own little world. My hands tied still and my legs fastened wide apart. My new testicles were really stretching now. I could start

his Decent into Slavery 13

Chapter 13

The room was very quiet. My head was totally immobilized due to the collar earlier applied. I could still smell Margaret’s scent on my penis. She was a very forward woman.
I hung there and sleep enveloped me as I was so tired. Even s

his Decent into Slavery 12

Chapter 12

Rebecca took be from the room to her apartment. Once inside she took me through to her bedroom. It was massive. A huge bed took pride of place. I was placed about 4 foot from the end of her bed where there was some chain hanging down fr

His Decent into Slavery 11

Chapter 11

Rebecca took me into what seemed like a medical room. In the centre of the room was a gynecological chair. There were bright lights above it and stainless steel trolleys all around it.

“David, this is our birthing chair. It’s where

His Decent into Slavery 10

Chapter 10

Another blank sheet to write on. Rebecca insists that these journals will help my rehabilitation into this life of slavery. Maybe it does, but I still crave my free life.

I sit here always naked, typing my experiences. My food is br

His Decent into Slavery 9

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