my crush

let me begin the story by saying that this is my fantasy which i hope will someday come true. as the story goes let me tell you about my self i am 21 , pretty and i have a nice body .( as i have been told)anyways lets get to the good stuff. theres th

right thurr

The night started with us chillin in the hot tub. The hot water on our bodys, relaxing our muscles. We sat and talked about our day, while we sipped on our drinks. i (lucy) kept stareing at (matt) he was so hott. he had hazel eyes, dirty blonde hair

suga suga how'd you get so fine

The clock read 6 am ,when i woke up from a peaceful sleep, my first thought was of him, i turned to my side and looked at my love , sleeping so peacefully. i layed there and watched him. wondering if he was dreaming of me. his beautiful eyes, his ang