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About Me
Sanina, born in St Louis, MO, September 1, 1982, raised by her mother and grandmother, was just a young girl, in the third grade to be more specific, when she realized that words were her favorite reality. Reading captured her attention, but she soon realized through her teacher that she could affect people in the same way she was affected by writing herself. She began writing poetry and performing in the many contest offered at her school where she would win most of them. Sanina learned her favorite genre to read was historical romances, but she herself strayed to Erotica when writing and not just any erotica but Lesbian Erotica. She felt that it was best if she wrote about what she herself fantasized about. Erotica helped Sanina to get lost in her fantasies on paper. Any dream or idea that she had could turn into a story and she loved the feeling of knowing that she could entice readers and set the heat within their bodies on high. As long as her audience is always mentally stimulated and turned on to the most high, she will feel as if she has accomplished what she set out to do.