Shannon and the Girls

Shannon And The Girls

I left my apartment at 2:00 pm for the 30 min. drive over to Brenda’s, I did not want to be late for our bi-monthly “girls night”. We had been getting together every 2 weeks or so for the last several mo

Shannon's Present Part 2

Shannon’s Present
Part 2

I must have dozed a bit during the time I was left bound tightly because when I awoke Miss Monica was just sitting down in front of my still dripping pussy. She leaned forward and snifffed my cunt then began rubb

Shannons' Present Part 1

Shannons’ Present

As Miss Mandy led me into the BDSS (Big Dick Stud Service) front office she handcuffed me and led me to a chair where I was told to sit. I was only mildly nervous but completely unaware of what was going on.