Poker game gone wild part 2

After Marc came in my mouth and husband Mike said NEXT, I loss it my costume came off and I’m kneeling in a satin G-string. I didn’t know the other guys to well. But at the time it didn’t matter the one they called Scott finally came over and d

Poker games gone wild

Hi I’s me again thought you would like another adventure

One Thur. Nite my old man comes home and tells me he would like to have a poker game. Oh well what the hell, so he gets beer and stuff to make sandwiched. Ok I”ll just hang out i

Revenge is sweet

This is how I got revenge on my partner for humiliating me in front of our employees. We went in to business about ten years ago. The first two were tough, they cost me my marriage. I worked seven days a week, sometimes 12 hour days .And my wife coul