madaam purple 5th

I walked out of the shower and into the bedroom to get dressed, but madam purple had other ideas. The room was dark except for several candles burning. Mystress walked up to me and placed a collar around my neck. Then she tied ropes to my arms, feet

Madaam Purple the 4th

I walked into the bedroom and their lie mystress, naked wearing only her harness. She was pumping her purple in and out of her delicious pussy, moaning softly. Slave get your face between my legs now. Yes madam as you wish. Lick me slut suck my juice

Mystress purple the 3rd encounter

Madaam Purple the third encounter.
I stepped into the bedroom after the shower clean and fresh to lay next to my mystress. She was lying in bed naked and beautiful as she always is. We started kissing and playing as so many times before, then a qui

Madam Purple the 2nd Encounter

Madam Purple the 2nd encounter

I woke to such a burning sensation of pain. My cock was being burnt for sure I thought. Maybe it was just a dream. I tried to awake but I could not see anything it was all black. Burning again it felt so intense, I

madaam purple

It was a long day at work and I was very tired at the end of the day I jumped in the shower and went to bed. I tried to stay awake to see mystress but I fell asleep while waiting. Mystress arrived home and saw I was asleep and decided to take a quick