Let Me Show You

The Cowboy was out riding fence. He normaly liked being out there taking care lof his responsibilities. But this trip his mind kept wandering…he was back in the mens room at the bar being rode by…little Lady. Soon as he thought about it…he coul


When he walks into a room…heads turn. Men and women alike desire him. He’s had them both and doesn’t have a preference. It’s who ever catches his eye or gains his favor. They stick keys.
Money. Diamonds…in his pockets. But its always the same…

To Have My Way With You

I have entertained thoughts of a sexual nature. Thoughts of what it would be like to have my way with you.
I am a sexual creature…every detail about me suggests that I am built for seduction. My mind is the driving force…if and when I choose it

Show Me

It all started out quite innocent enough. An impulse drove me to stop at a local watering hole. I figured a few drinks would make me feel a hell of a lot better…right? Work was the shits and it had been a long week.
I stepped in out of the heat.


Woman with no family seeks a companion. All expenses paid plus extras. Interview required to determine qualifications. M/F
Ms Deenie didn’t have long to wait before the calls started pouring in. She had already. dismissed several just by the sound

The Lost Journal of a Gasper

…some say in pain you can find pleasure. But I say that they come from the same place…each being on opposite ends of the spectrum.
Its common knowledge that I am into the BDSM scene. It is much more acceptable now than ever before. I mean what’s

Addicted to Pain, Humiliation and Degredation

Chapter Eight

Eric was do a reward for doing some big favors for Mistress Evil, and she gave him the assignment of training me in my expectations of the “gay” aspects of the life I would lead. Mistress had told me that th

Addicted to Pain, Humiliation and Degredation

Chapter Seven

Mistress woke me with the usual kick in the balls for disobeying her command to never cum without permission. There was no point in telling her I couldn’t control myself with the constant stimulation in my butt all

Cabbie Truth or Dare

Part Two…
The night was young and the cabbie was no where near her fill. As she lay looking at the sky light…it was Jasmine’s reflection in the glass that had her attention. She was on her back…Jenna couldn’t take her eyes off that dick…and

Addicted to Pain, Humiliation and Degredation

Chapter SIX

“Your second lesson will show you one of your jobs when I am entertaining guests. That will be as a human ashtray and cigarette lighter, for those who smoke. We’ll now demonstrate how you will do these thin

Cabbie and Chick with a Dick

Part One…
When I get bored I usually end up doing something totally insane or incredibly brilliant…either way it always turns out to be…interesting. So it was on such an occasion that I found myself set to drive a cab temporarily. The oppurtun

Piece of Ass

This is straight up all about the sex. Always has been. The kind of sex that blows your mind. Consumes your body.
I am a woman and I am going to fuck a man in the ass. There I said it. I have been fantasizing about it long enough. So I climb into a

Addicted to Pain, Humiliation and Degredation

Chapter Four

After being returned to the motel by Mistress Evil’s driver, I returned home after changing into my normal male clothing. My body was constantly reminding me of just what I had decided to do. I’ve decide

Addicted to Pain, Humiliation and Degredation

Chapter Three

Approaching the bar my guide sat down on a stool and ordered me to get down on my knees. Immediately dropping, I obviously became one of the many subs in the room. There was absolutely no question which was which. â€

Speed Thrills

I was jumped in my car and headed for the nearest free-way. It wasn’t long before I spotted a Cree cab dualie with heavy tinted windows. So I slowed down and got ready for the show…
This time I had on a skimpy little see-through number that barel

The Cedars

She sat strumming her fingers absentmindedly. She was bored and restless. It was Friday night. Normally she would go out with her colleagues for dinner and drinks. But everyone had other plans so she was left to her own devices.
She made her way out

painslut part 4

Chapter 17
The next three days are entirely a blur. Many thoughts of the
possible things Pete had in store for me ran through my head. My God. He
was willing to pay just to be able to cut off a slaves toe. What would he
do to a slave, h