I Finnally Fuck My Girlfriend and Her Sister

Let me just re-cap. I was fucking my girlfriend’s

sister, Jacquelyn. Then my girlfriend, Rebecca, walked in

the door. Then I fucked both of them. Damn that was a

fine day. But after we all fucked. They wanted drinks so I <br

I Finnaly Fuck My Girlfriend AND Her Sister Sister

I spent my Christmas with my girlfriend, Rebecca. I’ve wanted to fuck her ever since she turned 18. She’s a virgin but I see her masturbate in her room. She usually does it fully naked. She has beautiful Double D breasts with this nice tight litt

The Besst Day of My Life: Part 2

Ok so I was just left there. I dosed of and woke up at around three in the morning. I ended up getting free from the tape. I went to go get my cloths but I right then remembered that they took them. And by they I mean Katie, Taryn, Rebecca, Laura, an

The Best Day of My Life: Part 1

It was the BEST DAY of my life. I had the best homeroom class ever. My teacher was Ms. Noguira, but her real name was Cara. She had about a double D breast. every guy in my class always druled over her. The only people that didn’t were the girls. The