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I will be 77 on Aug 2nd, 2014. Officially retired but working hard writing the sexually explicit fiction that I publish on my web site, Tom Spanks Presents, found at I'm long divorced (29 years) with no children. Most of my stories revolve around submissive females being dominated by strong men, but lately I've expanded into writing about weak men being forced feminized by dominant women or men, and sometimes both. I would love to learn what you think of my efforts to provide entertaining fiction. If you read one of my stories or visit my web site, please email me and help me be a better writer by telling me what you think. (Personal description is pretty much what you might imagine a male of my age to be: what hair I have left is greyish white, I'm 5ft, 9in tall, weigh about 177 pounds these days, hazel eyes, recovered pretty well from open heart surgery last year. Wear glasses when reading or working at my computer, and wear a hearing aid when I'm around people I want to hear. (Lol!)) TOM SPANKS