the beauty salon…miss jessica

The beauty salon opportunity… Jessica had been to her usual beauty salon, it didn’t take much to maintain her beauty, but pampering herself was one of her vices…..whilst there she was chatting to the owner,sally,they were talking about how sally had so much work,not enough girls to work,it wasn’t Jessica thing, working,working,but sally was talking […]

the shoes

Jessica had woken that day with revenge in her heart,only last week her then so called boyfriend had ended their relationship,and anger was her real emotion,and anyway he just wasnt man enough for her,and her demands,she hadnt thought about her reven

getting a degree

getting a degree.

Jessica day began with a phone call from the receptionist of a high class modelling agency, she had been spotted whilst out clubbing, a guy asked her to go along to the agency

Jessica was gorgeous, tall, slim,assertive, sh

phone sex

phone sex

Jessica was due to pick her new car up that day,a red sports convertible,with extras,ogf course

the garage was a new place, highly respected,and Jessica had it in mind to get a large discount

normally car salesman were something to

the boyfriend auditions

the boyfriend auditions

Jessica didnt have a boyfriend.there really was no need.a click of her fingers and men would jump, so she didnt date as such.she had far too much fun with her friends and the countless desperate men who fell at her feet

tag team waiter

Tag Team waiter.

Jessica and her friend Melisa , met every weds at the local coffee shop in Birmingham, it was a regular haunt of theirs with big glass windows they could spot any suitable prey for their little games,Melisa, was 25,slim, and much

the key

the key

Start of a new week, and Jessica was slightly bored, her sexual appetite had not been quenched lately and her mind wandered to what she could do about it

she went down to her local shop to get some bits, there was a guy who worked there