Messy slave

I had to pinch myself on a few occasssions just to remind me that I wasnt dreaming, to tell myself that this really was happening before my very own eyes and that i was indeed enjoying every minute of it.
I mean, here I am, a 20 year old girl who

Human trashcan

On arriving at the house he began to ask himself if he was nervous and he was suprised to find out that he was still feeling confident and not a bit scared even although he knew that his entire life was about to change for ever within the next few ho

ScumPig ( part 2)

Scumpig ( part 2 )
At some point i actually fell asleep suprisingly even tho it was cold, i was naked and i was lying in a pig stye full of grime and slime.
i remember thinking how lucky i was that the receptionist did not allow me to lie amongst t

ScumPig … by Stupidface

ScumPig ( Part 1 )
Some months ago i replied to an ad where a 21 year old Domme seeked a male scumbag pig which i knew was the role i could fit into with ease.
On receipt of my cheque i sent to Her for one thousand English pounds, She contacted me