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((About Me)) I've dabbled with writing sex fantasies about 'first time scenarios' since around 1986. "The Party Room" fantasies are my only "saved' body of work which I started in 2004. I have a difficult time staying focused on reading literature I didn't write. If I am unconventional in my writing style, that is why. ((About the Fantasies)) The basis for each of "The Party Room" fantasies are the same. 1>>>Each one begins as if the Realtime of the one before it was the end of that story. 2>>>When Dreamtime begins, it's as if it is the first time beyond Realtime. ((The Formula)) Realtime = "The Placid" = Exposition /// Dreamtime = "The Possibility" = Rising Action /// Party Time = "The Pleasure" = Climax /// Downtime = "The Premonition" = Resolution ((In Closing)) Thank you if you take the time to read, comment or rate any of them. I'm aware my fantasies and my writing will not be in everyone's tastes. If you are one that does, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do writing them. How many of the 14 parts I submit depends on my free time and outside interest. Thank you!