Rori's tale of Seduction

Rori had been informed of a new place that she may have been interested in. her friends who knew her well told her that this would be the location that would peak her interest. Though they also knew that she had always been a tad on the shy side, f

Finding her One

As the night drew to a close, she straightened her short skirt and began leaving the club, when she felt a strong hand grip her arm firmly. As she was pulled backwards, her body began to tingle deep down inside though she was scared because she didn

On the table one night

“There you are, girl. I’ve been looking all over for you. Where have you been hiding?”

“Nowhere, Mr. I swear. Girl was just getting comfortable when she heard the door early.”

*Smiling, Mr takes her hand and leads her t

Showing off girl

*girl comes out in her collar and leash with her red teddy on that snaps at the crotch.*

“girl is ready to go Mr as You have ordered her to be.”

*Mr puts girl’s leather trenchcoat on like a gentleman always does and she feels Mistres

Teasing Their girl

“Lay down across the bed girl,”

“On my back or tummy, Mr?”

*Mistress approaces from behind and slides her hands across her shoulders whispering*

“On your back sweet desiree. We want it so your pussy and your head hang off the

wake, up girl

girl smells something sweet above her as she is
aroused from her sleep. As her eyes flutter open she sees the beauty of Mistress’ sweet labia in front of her mouth. Glistening.

“You went to bed early, desiree. Without permission. you k

sleeping girl

As girl is sleeping, Mr finds her laying in her bed. He finds that she likes to take up the entire middle of the bed and that she tends to sleep on her tummy with her sweet little ass exposed. Of course girl is forbidden from sleeping with clothes o

girl's punishment

“Where are you going girl? I didn’t tell you to move from that spot.”

*girl stops backing up from where she was kneeling and whimpers as she knows that she is going to be punished for giving in to her desires.*

*crawling back she kis

pleasing Mr and Mistress

“sweet, desiree would you like to watch Master please
your Mistress?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

eagerly shaking her head, girl sits up on her knees
watching Mr. and Mistress as they get on their knees.
Mr. taking his position behind