fucking the best friend

I had just broken up with my girlfriend and she was really upset. I didn’t want her anymore, so I broke up. She tried to win me back, but did not succeed. One day, she had an interesting attempt.

Her friend comes over to my dorm room. “Sam sen

Doctor fucks high school cheerleader

I am a pediatricion with a private practice. It was summer time and there was the usual physicals to perform. I performed a lot so it was nothing new. There was one 15-year-old in particular that I thought was really hot and it was awesome to inspect

To get out of a ticket

I was a highway deputy who was assigned to set up a speedtrap to see if someone was speeding. One day, a car zoomed by at 15 miles over the speed limit. I chased after it and it pulled over.

I went up to the window and asked “License and Regi

twins after sex ed class

My sister and I are twins. My name is Josh and my sister’s name is Ashley. We were always very close and we always shared our secrets with each other. When we were 13 years old, we were in the same health class together. It was now the time in our he

father fucks the babysitter at the wife's anger

“You’ve been fucking the babysitter haven’t you” My wife said.

“No, i haven’t”. The babysitter was right there but being quiet

“Yeah right. come on admit, you’ve been fucking her and fucking her good.”

“I don’t know what you’re t

lured into a room with hot twins

I was at a co-ed boarding school. My name is Jeff. There was this girl named Angela that was really hot. She was out of my league. She knew me a little because she was in two of my classes.

One day, she said “Why don’t eat lunch in the caf whe

the best party ever, part 4

After they both fucked me, they decided to fuck each other. “We really like to fuck each other. Why don’t we show you.” They went away and came back in white tank tops. “Let’s go to the bathroom”

“We like to put on a show”. Samantha and Nicole

The best party ever, part 2

After the best truth or dare ever, Samantha and Nicole decieded to start a threesum with me. “Ok. We’ll start. get on the bed now” Nicole said to me.

I got on the bed and first Nicole started at my cock. She first felt it and then sucked it ni

Sex with the best cheerleader

I was just starting high scool when i got invited to a pool party. I decided to go. It was at a chicks house and it was overnight. I went an it was pretty uneventful. But most of the guests left by nine and the only people left were me and the girl s

fantasies of hot cheerleader come true

I’m 15 years old and for the past week in my school I’ve been thinking about a hot cheerleader. Well, one day I got invited to a party at her ouse. It was my lucky day.

I go to the party and everyone is there. THere’s drinking, music, and drug