A bachelor party for him, a fantasy for me.

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It was a month prior to our wedding. I wanted my fiancé, Donovan, to have a bachelor party to remember. I wanted to be the one organizing it, and the one getting credit for it. It was his night, but I sure as hell wanted to be part of it.
I rented a pub and invited 30 of Donovan’s male friends. Basically every man on his floor from work. I figured I wanted everyone to know what a cool girlfriend I was. Plus I knew that he would brag about this night for the rest of his days.
This being a bachelor party and all, I had to get a stripper. And since I wanted some eye-candy too, I wanted to chose the lucky girl. I contacted a few agencies, and told them what I was looking for. Dark hair, dark eyes, slightly tanned, feminine body and someone who is confident enough to have fun and really play along. The agencies sent me photos and this one girl really caugth my eye. She was curvy, with deep deep dark brown eyes and long wavy dark hair. I starred at her photo, and actually felt a wave of arousal wash over me. I had always had bi-sexual tendencies, but had never acted out my fantasy to try a woman. But this was the kind of girl I’d like. I did not hesitate for one second. I called back the agency and booked “Angelina” for the big night. I told them I wanted her to dress up as a police-woman, since I had never really liked the nurse or school-girl thing.
Donovan kept asking what had been planned for this party, and after a lot of pursuausion I finally told him that here would be a stripper. His eyes lit up, and I could tell that he was chocked, yet happy. As I am rather jealous, this had not been easy. But I figured, he’s gonna be married to me anyway. Give him a night of fun. Little did I know, he wasn’t the only one who was going to enjoy it. I told him that he wouldn’t be dissapointed, and secretly longed for the day myself. I couldn’t wait to see Angelina in the flesh.
On the big night I wore a black miniskirt that hugged my curvy yet firm ass and a white sleeveless shirt, with the top buttons open. The party was going great. And then a vision entered the pub.
“Excuse me, but who is responsible for this party?” she asked. It having been a very loud night, Donovan totally bought it, and so did everyone else. Donovan stepped forward and explained. “Officer, this is my party. I’m having my bachelor party. If it’s too noisy, we’ll try to keep it down”. Her stern look softened with a smile. “This is your bachelor party? Well congratulations. Future wife at home I presume, worrying about tonight? Now Donovan’s face relaxed, and almost proudly he said: “No actually, that is my fiancé over there. She organized this whole thing.” She looked at me, and my insides just melted. I wanted her so badly.
Officer Angelina started walking over to Donovan and on her way there she quickly moved a chair so that it would stand in the middle of the open floor. She walked over and shook his hand. “Well then, do remember to thank her for this”. And on cue, Joe Cocker’s You Can Leave Your Hat On started to play. She must have been in here and talked to the bartender before we arrived. Great going.
Donovan was pushed onto the chair, while his collegues quickly moved closer until they were standing in a circle around him. By now his cheeks were bright red and I could imagine the fast rate at which his heart was beating.
She stood in front of him, legs wide apart. As she swayed sexilly to the music, she ripped her trousers off, and was left standing in her hat, white shirt, blue blazer, blue hotpants and to top it off knee-high Doc’s. She unbottoned her blazer, and took it off. And then moved slowly over the buttons of her shirt unbuttoning each and every one with no problem whatsoever. She took it off to reveal her amazing breasts. They were firm, just over a handfull and her nipples were rock-hard. Men in the audience were starting to squirm. And Donovan was hypnotized. I could tell that the bulge in his pants had grown in just a few seconds, and I knew I had done well. Angelina turned around and bent forward giving Donovan a great look of her ass and her breasts moving throught the gap between her legs. He closed his eyes, and reopened them, as if to see if he was dreaming. Angelina was dancing in front of him, playing with her nipples, almost in trance . She walked over to him and told him to pull down the hotpants. He looked over at me, asking permission. Other heads now turned to me, and there was a sigh of relief as I gently nodded a yes.
He took hold of her undies, and slowly started pulling them down. He looked at every bit of flesh that he was helping unveil, and helped her get out of the little piece of fabric that had been left on her. I could hear the men standing closest moan. And then I saw why. She turned around, flaunting her gorgeous body, looked me straight in the eyes, and as I moved mine down her body I could see that she was fully waxed. My private parts began to tingle. I could imagine my tongue taking care of her, feeling her loving it. She turned back to Donovan, went over to him and sat astride his legs. She started moving, simulating sex. And I knew she could feel how much Donovan liked it.
The song ended and she gave Donovan a kiss and a handshake. He was in heaven I could tell.
Angelina came over to me after having gotten dressed(now wearing a skirt), and asked if everything had gone as I had hoped.
-“God yes. You are amazing.”
-“Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it, since you’re paying for the whole thing.”
-“Ohh yes, how much do I owe you? Did we say 200 euros?”
-“Actually, we said 190. But I don’t mind 200.” she said with a teasing smile.
-“200 it is. Did you drive here? Let me walk you to your car.”
-“Thank you. That’d be great. I don’t really know this neighbourhood.”
I could easily escape from the pub, as all the men were engrossed in conversation about officer Angelina. We walked slowly to her car, not saying a word, yet sometimes looking at each other, smiling. We came to a halt next to a Volvo S40.
-“You must earn rather well to afford a car like this.”
-“Whatever pays the bills right?”
-“Look, I know you’re into me. Do you want to sit in my car for a while? I charge 150 euros for sex.”
I looked around to see if anyone would notice. And then I opened the door, and sat down in the backseat. She sat down next to me. She closed the door, and sat facing me. She bent over and kissed me. First a few baby-kisses, then she started using her tongue. Her lips were as soft a silk. We kissed long and sensually, equally balancing the use of tongue and lips. I was getting wet and my breathing was getting heavy. She knew what she was doing. She unbuttoned my shirt, and cupped my naked breasts, teazing my nipples as she went along. She stopped kissing me and moved her mouth down to my nipple. She licked around it, then on it, until she started sucking. I moaned. As the moans got louder she gently bit my nipple. Had she not stopped just then, I would’ve cum for sure. She told me to touch her. Wherever. So I stretched my hand under her skirt and felt her. It was silky smooth. And to my surprise, wet. As I eased my fingers into her, she spread her legs. She started to moan, and I did what I had felt like doing since the moment I had laid eyes on her. Expertly my tongue found her clitoris. She had to keep from screaming, and as she got closer, Angelina asked me to stop. She pushed me back, hiked my skirt up, moved my thong to the side, licked me for a few minuted until I was slippery, then grabbed a silver bullet vibrator. The moment she put it on my clit, I knew I was close. She noticed and grabbed my hand and instucted me to touch her. She eased the bullet inside of me, and within minutes I came. I don’t think I had ever screamed that loud. She came just after me, showing the same reacion to the pleasure. By now we were sweaty, and exhausted. We both laughed, and took deep breaths.
After we had gotten dressed, I took out my money and handed it to her. She smiled.
-“I don’t need it.”
-“But you said—“
-“I know. But back then I did
n’t know that I would enjoy it”.
I got out of the car, and she got out with me. I thanked her, and got one last kiss.
Back at the pub Donovan picked me up, thanked me and told me that I’d get really lucky that night. I smiled, knowing that he would never find out, happy about having fullfilled my biggest fantasy.
That night we had the best sex of our entire relationship. And I have only myself to thank. Ohh, and Officer Angelina.

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