A Bet Paid

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A Bet Paid

He came into the room and knew that something about tonight was going to be different. She was there but there was no warm greetings no “hi baby”. One look and he knew what was happening. Weeks ago they had made a bet and tonight he was going to pay up. Damn he thought that she had forgotten about that, he had tried, but something about the deal was intriguing to him. He couldn’t believe he had promised all of the things he had but she had done her part and what ever he went thru tonight was worth it seeing her get her ass fucked by 2 stiff cocks.

He started looking around for her and heard the shower running, he almost ran to the shower stripping out of his clothes on the way. He pulled the curtain back and she was waiting on him. She held out her arms to him and he stepped into them. She lifted up on her toes and kissed him and told him she loved him. “Baby, you know its time to pay up don’t you?” “Yes” I stuttered. “Exactly what part of the deal to I have to pay up?” She looked up at him and smiled sweetly kissed him on the lips “all of it baby” FUCK! No she had to be kidding him there is no way that she would make him do all of those things. Would she? He looked around the shower and got a sick feeling in his stomach. And this was the easy part.

She knew the moment he realized that she was going to make him shave. EVERYTHING He looked and saw that she had his razor and shave gel, she had even taken his body wash and replaced it with a sweet girlie smelling one. He turned to face her and she went to lathering his chest with his gel. “Don’t worry baby it will grow back” One swipe of the razor and he had a bald strip from his chest down to his belly. She made fast work of his chest and told him to shave his cock and balls. Once he was finished she ran her hand over his cock patted his balls “you’re not going to need this tonight. “Now it’s time to get serious, shave your legs” He could not believe this was happening. He was almost in auto pilot as he shaved his legs from his ankles to his cock. Once he was shaven she handed him her sweet smelling body wash. He inhaled the smell he loved this on her she was always so soft and silky. “Make sure you wash from head to toe and take extra time on your ass and cock.” “Once you’re done, get out of the shower and dry off and I will have things laid out for you to put on.”

He stepped out of the shower and saw she was wearing her strap-on cock. He could feel his cock starting to get hard. She looked up and saw his cock and slapped it making him yelp in pain. But she got the desired effect he was soft again. “Over on the bed is your clothes, first I want you to put the body lotion all over your body and make sure you rub it on your ass, I want your ass soft and smooth when I fuck you later.” Damn that’s what he was afraid of. He walked slowly over to the bed and picked up the lotion. He smears it all over his body and starts massaging it onto his legs and noticed that they felt like hers after a shower, soft. He continued to rub the lotion on his body paying close attention to his ass and crack making it soft. He was amazed that he started to feel almost sexy and realized that his was slowly circling his asshole making it pucker. He sees what she has laid out for him to wear. “Baby I can’t wear this, its not right come on I have learned my lesson. You win lets stop this.” She walks to him and kisses him again and tells him. “You will wear this tonight, you are my little slut and you have to be dressed for the part, you do want to make me as happy and as turned on as I made you when you and Jason DP’d my ass don’t you?” Damn she was right not only did she look so fucking hot taking the cocks but he had agreed. She saw his look of acceptance and handed him the black satin panties she had picked out for him. She watched as he slid the thin panties over his thighs then his ass then up over his balls and cock. She reached over and stroked the outline of his cock thru the panties and heard his moan. She smiled to herself she knew from experience how good satin felt next to soft skin. Next she handed him a pair of black thigh high stockings and bent to help him slide them over his legs, again she heard his groan. Once the stockings where in place she handed him the matching black bra and again helped him into it. He stood up and she looked him up and down a small smile playing on her lips. “Damn baby you look pretty good I can’t wait to fuck your tight pussy all night, you are missing a few things though.” She walked ahead of him and wiggled her finger at him to follow and he did. He followed her in the bathroom and sat down, knowing what was coming next. She went to work on his makeup, when she was done you almost couldn’t tell who he was. The last 2 finishing touches were a black wig cut into a chin length bob and bright red lipstick. He looked at himself in the mirror and felt almost proud that she had done a good job and that she seemed very happy with her results. She was watching him and stroking her cock, she couldn’t wait to get this started.

“Come with me” she walked out of the bathroom ahead of him and stopped to get a few things. What he had no idea and at this point there wasn’t much he could do about it either. He followed her into the bedroom and saw that she had sit on the edge of the bed and she was smiling and stroking her cock again. That thing looked huge, but he never thought that when he was fucking her with that cock. “Get over here and suck my cock, show me what a good little cocksucker you are.” He started to squat down on his knees but she stopped him “no stand up and bend over I want to see you wiggle your ass in the air while you suck my cock.” For the first time he really started to be worried and embarrassed about what was happening. He did as she said and bent over, took her cock in his mouth and starting sucking. She was completely turned on seeing his red lips slide up and down her shaft. “Look at me while you suck my cock, do not look away.” He looked up at her face and saw in her eyes how turned on she was and he was determined to be the best cock sucker she could possibly be. OMG I just referred to myself as a woman. He locked his eyes on hers and slid his lips down her shaft and back up to the head. He swirled his tongue under the head and dipped down to run his tongue around her balls. He caught a whiff of her wet pussy and there was no way he could keep his cock from getting hard. He could feel precum start to pool on the tip of his cock he wasn’t sure if she would get mad or if would be ok. “Gag on my cock you little slut stop playing with it.” She placed her hand on the back of his head and held him there while she fucked his mouth. Thrusting hard and fast into his mouth he had no choice but to swallow and take more into his throat, she pinched his nose closing off his air supply making him gag and gasp for air. She pulled him off of her cock and made him stand up. She looked him over and noticed that his panties were wet and bulging from his cock. She decided to tell him what was coming.

“There are going to be a few men out in the other room, and you are going to go out there and suck their cocks till they are ready to cum then you are going to let them cum down your throat and you are going to swallow every drop of their hot sticky cum. And the last 1 I have a little something extra for you from him.” He walked into the other room to see some of the longest and thickest cocks he had ever seen. She wants me to suck those cocks he thought to himself? She pulled him over to the first cock. When he realized that there was nothing that he could do to stop this nothing could have stopped his raging hardon. He couldn’t believe that he was hard and wanting to suck their cocks. She pushed him to his knees in front of the first cock, the cock was huge only about 8 inches long but it was as thick as his wrist, he grabbed the cock and slowly starting licking the tip, this wasn’t anything like playing around with his wife’s rubber dildo, this was warm, hard yet soft at the same time. “Suck the fucking cock you pussy” this from his wife? He felt her hand grab him on the back on the neck and shove his head down, pressing the cock deeper into his mouth. He couldn’t help it he gagged and his eyes started watering that seemed to spur the man on, he started thrusting his hips and moaning and in a few moments he felt the man tense up grab his head and hold him down on his cock while he shot a stream of cum. It hit the back of his throat and slid down. He barely tasted it, but what he did taste was a little salty and bitter but not that bad.

He was yanked up roughly and pushed down in front of the second guy. Again he was forced to deep throat a cock. This time the cock was a lot bigger than before, at least 10 inches but thankfully not as thick. There was no way that he was going to be bale to take that cock. He went to work doing the best that he could. Sliding his mouth up and down the shaft trying to get as much of the cock in his mouth as possible, but he still liked about 3 inches to take all of it. The man was sitting there not moving not moaning, he was doing nothing for the longest time. All of a sudden the man leaned forward pushed his head down farther down on his cock, he was forced to swallow to keep from gagging and realized that his lips were at the base of the shaft. He got so turned on by this that he moaned around the cock and started wiggling his ass in the air. “That’s right you little bitch suck that cock, moan like the little cunt that you are”. He felt his ass being rubbed and he started pushing back against the hand rubbing him. His panties were being pushed to the side and something cold being rubbed into his asshole. He couldn’t help moaning when he felt something being pushed into his ass. He had stopped sucking the cock in front of him and his mouth was being brutally fucked. He was being slapped and his hair was being pulled to hold him in place. All of a sudden a scream tore from his body as a cock was shoved deep in his ass. “Yeah you’re my bitch now, how does it feel having your ass fucked? Oh fuck your pussy feels good, you are so tight” he couldn’t believe he was hearing this, more than that he couldn’t believe he was turned on by it. He felt the cock in his mouth tense and fill him with so much cum that he couldn’t swallow it all and some ran out the side of his mouth and down his chin. He pulled his mouth off of the cock licking the shaft trying to get every drop. This time he tasted it and it was almost sweet. His wife pulled the cock out of his ass and he felt almost empty and wanted the fullness back.

He didn’t have to be dragged to the last cock. He had been eagerly awaiting this one. It was huge and no matter how hard his face was fucked there was no way that cock was going all the way down his throat. He was moaning just thinking about sucking on that cock, he couldn’t believe that he had turned into a whore that loved cock. He positioned himself between the mans legs and grabbed his cock. He started stroking it and watched in amazement that the cock was getting even bigger. His ass was wiggling and he was moaning and begging to be fucked again and he didn’t care anymore. He wanted something up his ass. He licked under the tip of his cock and down the shaft. This time he leaned even farther down and ran his tongue around the mans balls and back up the shaft to head. He was sucking on the head, popping it in and out of his mouth. He felt the man reach across his back and ripped his panties off of him and jammed his finger up his ass. It hurt he was dry but at the same time it felt so good. He was pushing back on to the finger trying to get it deeper when the man shoved 2 more fingers in his ass. He was bucking wildly now not caring who saw him or heard him. He saw his wife out of the corner of his eye and she was being fucked by the two guys that he sucked off. She had both of their cocks in her pussy and they were pounding her. In one move he was yanked up and turned around. There was an arm around his waist and holding him above the cock. The man forced his legs open and dropped them on either side of his. He could feel that huge cock pressing on his asshole trying to pop in. There was no lube and the cock was so big he was scared that it wouldn’t fit. He felt the mans other hand forcing his ass open and at once he was pushed down on the cock and he was impaled. He felt like he was being split in half. He screamed and passed out from the pain, when he came to he was being fucked like a whore. His head was laid back on the mans shoulder and the man was holding his hips and slamming him down on his cock. He was fucked for what seemed like hours, pulling his bra down and pinching and tugging on his nipples. His cock was throbbing as it had been for the last hour. The man wrapped a hand around his throat and choked him as he finally felt the mans balls tense up against his ass and he was held down and he felt the man spurt cum over and over deep in his ass. He could feel the cock in his ass start to go thankfully soft and slowly he could feel it pop out of his ass. His ass felt warm and wet and very sore. He ass was sore and he was having regrets about what he had just done. He looked to find her and realized that her and the other two men had stopped fucking and had been watching him get fucked. “Go bend over the chair and reach back and spread your ass. I want to see this studs cum drip out of your cunt.”

He went and did exactly what she told him to do. He spread his ass and could feel the cum drip out of his cunt and run down his legs and get his thigh highs wet. “Turn around and look at me bitch. Tell me how much you want to have your cunt fucked; tell me how big a whore you are.” “I’m such a whore I love eating cum, I love having my cunt fucked by hard cocks. Please fuck my cunt again.” “Please I want more cock in my cunt. Make me your bitch punish my cunt.” He couldn’t believe he had just said that, he didn’t even know where it even came from. He was bent over a chair wearing cum soaked thigh highs and a bra not to mention the wig and makeup. He looked the part he might as well play the part. He started wiggling and moaning almost begging to be fucked again. His cock brushed against the chair and he started rubbing against the chair his cock needing a release. He was slapped across the ass his cock pumping even harder against the chair. He didn’t care if he was fucking a chair he just needed to cum. Just before he got his release he was pulled back. He groaned and whined missing the feel of something on his cock. He noticed two things at once; first one man was laying on the floor on his back his cock standing straight up second was that the other two men were there and hard again too.. He didn’t even have to be told, he dropped to his knees and crawled on top of the man, positioned the cock and using the cum left in his cunt he buried it ball deep. He was sitting straight up riding the cock, trying to get it deeper. Trying to fill his cunt again with cock. He saw the other man step in front of him and put his cock in his mouth. He was having his cunt fucked along with his mouth and he still wanted more. He was making little whimpering sounds almost begging for something else. He was forced to lay back some and his legs were forced up and apart and he felt a second cock forced into his cunt. Two men were fucking his cunt stretching it out making him scream around the cock in his mouth. All too soon he was flipped over onto his knees and told to spread his cunt for them. He had been fucked so hard and long that his cunt was gaped open, all three men lined up behind him stroking their cocks. One by one they stepped up and stroked their cocks till they came in his gaped cunt, filling him till cum was squirting out of his used cunt. He stayed that way feeling like a used whore listening to the men getting dressed and leaving, shutting the door behind them.

“Lets go take a shower”. They got up and together they walked to the shower. She started the water and let it run over him cooling his sore ass and pride. She grabbed his wash and soaped up the rag and washed his back and down his legs. He moaned when she ran the rag over his ass. Once they were cleaned up and about to get out of the shower she put her arms around him gave him a hug and told him that she loved him. They got out of the shower and walked to their bed together. “So I would assume that our bets have both been paid off?” “Yes baby they have.” As we laid down on the bed she motioned him over, “you know you never did get to cum” She wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked till he had cum down her throat. When she looked up he was already asleep.

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