A Birthday Surprise

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  I was in the shower. I had just finished saving my body smooth. There was no hair left on my body except what was on my head. I was enjoying the smoothness, running my hands over my smooth chest, legs and ass. My cock was just starting to grow as I enjoyed my smooth body, when the bathroom door slowly opened. My wife walked in with a video camera and she started filming me in the shower. Then she said, “Happy Birthday my love.” The bathroom door then opened fully and in walked a completely naked man. He was very good looking, tall, muscular and completely smooth. My wife could certainly pick them. “Is that for me?” I said. “Why yes honey. This is my birthday gift to you. Although I am certainly going to enjoy watching.”
A few weeks before, my wife and I were discussing different fantasies we have. When I told her of my fantasy of having sex with a guy while she watched, she smiled coyly. I should have known then that she would act on it. I really never wanted or expected to act on it, but she had different ideas. When he walked into the bathroom and I got a full view of him, I immediately knew I wanted it to happen. His cock could only be described as beautiful. Half hard it was at least 6 inches and thick. My mouth was already watering thinking about having my lips around it. “Step into the shower Ken.” She was in charge. It was my fantasy and my birthday present, but she was going to run the show. It was her show and we were happy to comply with whatever she wanted. Ken stepped into the warm shower with me. We were very close to each other. Two smooth, naked men in the shower, my wife holding the video camera filming it. “Honey don’t be shy or bashful. I know you want this and I want to see it. I want to see you taste your first cock. Don’t hold anything back. Now kiss.” I moved closer and our cocks pressed into each other. Our lips locked and his tongue entered my mouth. I have to admit, it was very pleasant. We kissed softly, letting our tongues explore each others mouths and our hands were caressing our smooth bodies as warm water flowed all over us. “What a beautiful sexy scene this is.” my wife said, camera in hand, filming the hot kiss. “Go ahead. I know you want to touch it.” I did. I wanted to caress that beautiful cock that was now rock hard and pressing against my own hard cock.  So i did. I reached between us and as our tongues were still intertwined and i grabbed his cock. For the first time in my life, I had a cock in my hand that wasn’t my own. I gently stroked and caressed it. It was soft and smooth. It was an amazing turn on to have a thick, throbbing cock in my hand. But that’s not all I wanted. I wanted this gorgeous meat in my mouth. I smiled slightly when my wife told me to kiss my way down Ken’s smooth skin, running my lips and tongue along his smooth chest, working my way down until I was on my knees in front of him. “Do it honey. I want to see that cock in your mouth.” my wife encouraged. But I didn’t need any more encouragement. I wanted it in my mouth. At that moment, I wanted it more than anything else. His smooth head parted my lips as I slowly slid it into my mouth. Water was cascading all over us as I slid my mouth down the length of his swollen cock. My tongue caressed his thick swollen head, then it slid deeper into my mouth hitting the back of my throat. I relaxed and it slid deeper until I had the full 9 inches fully engulfed. “Holy shit I think I just came.” my wife said. She put had the camera on he tripod and her hand was down her pants playing with her clit. “That may be the sexiest thing I have ever seen.” Ken’s hips began to rock now that he knew I could handle his massive meat and he started to slowly fuck my mouth. Slowly sliding almost all the way out before gently sliding back in, driving his full length until his balls were resting on my chin. We kept that up for a few minutes. I was in heaven, enjoying the feel of his smooth cock sliding along my tongue, then pushing past the slight resistance of my throat. “Ok boys, let’s get you dried off. We don’t want anyone cumming to soon do we?” I must admit, I would have been perfectly content to continue sucking that wonderful cock until it shot down my throat but I knew there was more in store for us.  Besides I wanted to feel a real cock in my ass. My wife had fucked me many times with a strap-on. Now it was time for the real thing. We dried off and entered the bedroom. On the king size bed was a vinyl sheet. On the end table was a bottle of baby oil. She told us to get on the bed and oil each other up. In just a few seconds, we were all slippery, sliding our smooth bodies all over each other. “Enjoy each other” she said. We did just that, sliding our oily hard cocks all over each other. A couple of times, Ken’s cock pressed against my asshole only to slide up my back. We continued that way for a while, periodically pausing to kiss some more. He was laying on top of me, sliding his slippery cock along mine. Our mouths were locked and our tongues intertwined. “That is so fucking hot!” my wife said. “Ken, lie on your back.” Here it comes. Time to feel that wonderful cock in my ass! “Honey, I want you to climb on top and take that cock in your ass. I know that’s what you want and I want to see it.” she positioned he camera for the perfect view. As I lowered my ass down on it, the camera captured it perfectly. I felt the head push against my asshole. Slowly I began to open up as his huge cock slid into my opening. It didn’t  have to work long as my ass has been worked over many times by my wife’s strap-on. Slowly I slid down his cock until his balls hit my ass. It felt so full, so wonderful. I slid up and down on his cock, riding it eagerly. It felt soooo good inside my ass. “Doggie style!” my wife cheerfully announced. I hopped off Ken’s cock and got on all fours. He positioned himself behind me as my wife adjusted the camera. Ken’s cock slid in easily and he worked it long and deep. Taking his time. My wife’s dildo felt great but it didn’t hold a candle to this magical throbbing beast that was sliding in and out of my hungry asshole. My wife had her pants off and laid on the bed in front of me. She positioned herself and wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me to her dripping wet pussy. I tongued her lips and clit while Ken pounded my ass. He quickened his pace and drove deep into me causing me to moan into my wife’s juicy cunt. That sent her over the edge. She moaned and wiggled under my tongue cumming fiercely into my face. When she recovered, she said “Whoa Ken, slow your pace. I don’t want you cumming just yet. Honey lie on your back, legs up.” I positioned myself as she requested, Missionary style. “Ken here is your finishing position. I want him to feel you shoot your load in his virgin ass.” Ken smiled as he slid his cock into me for the third time. My legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. “Lovely” my wife said as she positioned the camera to capture the action. Ken was sliding in and out and my wife started sucking my cock. What a wonderful feeling, a cock driving in and out of your ass and my wife’s mouth and tongue all over my cock. I was not going to hold out much longer. She sensed this and she pulled my cock out of her mouth and said to Ken, “Give it to him. I want you to cum in his ass at the same time he comes in my mouth.” Ken smiled and increased the pace and my wife went back to work on my cock. My hips began to rock and she knew I was close. Ken was close too. He was driving his cock in and out faster and faster. The familiar sensation came on as my balls tightened. Ken drove his cock deep in my ass and tensed. His cock started to spasm in my ass just as my cock let loose and began to shoot into my wife’s mouth. If felt his warm seed fill my ass as spasm after spasm rocked Ken’s body. His cock continued to spurt hot streams of cum in my ass. My wife attempt to catch all my cum in her mouth but she had no chance. The whole scene had me cumming in bucketfuls. Cum ran down her chin as it escaped at the corners of her mouth. Ken’s orgasm was subsiding as I felt he last few twinges of his cock, still buried deep in my ass. My wife stood up and shouted, “That was fucking awesome!” Ken slid his softening cock slowly out of my ass and some of his cum trickled out of my hole onto the vinyl sheet. I laid back exhausted feeling wonderfully fulfilled. My wife said, “Happy Birthday Honey. I hope you enjoyed your present.” “It was the most amazing Birthday ever.” I replied. ” Wait til next year” she replied with a devilish grin. How she could top this, I don’t know!

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