a butler's boy

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in a flash winston was there beside me dressed in his butler uniform and standing extremely proud and tall for me. it was the ending to a perfect day and it was just the beginning. i had come a long way since i started out on my own. twenty years before this after i won millions in bank error bust. well they transferred millions into my account from overseas by mistake and then due to an electrical problem they lost all electronic records of it. the small town bank i traded with informed me and being na�ve to all of this they explained how since it was a foreign bank they had little control of the matter, they only had to report the error and if was normally the case back then the money would remain with the person who had received it.
my joint account went from $11.75 to $185,000,000 in a night’s time. the owner of the money must have been in trouble with the law because after four months they allowed me to keep half of it and when the one year claim expired i was granted the remainder. now i kept it quiet and so did the banker, as he knew it would mean unwanted fame. three weeks after the money was finally mine i told my soon to be ex wife about it and bid her goodbye. she had decided to leave me before finding out about it and as a partying gift i granted her three million wishes and sent her on her way. then i had a lawyer draw up a contract with her and get the release and i moved to the best hotel in the state to reside until i could find myself what i always wanted a mansion.
i hired the best of real estate firm in the nation and sent them looking for it but after three months i had no luck, so i purchased a 4,000 acre spread of land that was perfectly located just outside the southeastern part of the smokey mountains and built my own.
it took an additional six months to construct it. all 10 bedrooms, 10 bathroom’s, 3 private studies, 1 large dinning room, 1 private dinning room, breakfast nook, movie theater room, exercise room, sun room and of course two private sex dungeons just for me. one was located in the basement and the other one next door to my bedroom. i moved in just a week before my 29th birthday, now single and ever so ready to live in style. i did all the decorations and had spent over 8 million to furnish it, landscape and add the private outdoor playroom for myself. it was a work of art completely hidden behind a forest of well manicured oak trees and pine trees and with its massive stone wall surrounding it a fortress to be sure was it. i had everything you could think of except someone to share it with.
my first three hires were a cook, a maid and a personal assistant. helga was my cook and she could do that blindfolded in cuffs and being screwed at the same time as i found out once. she was 55, just barely five feet long blonde hair and curly locks of white mixed in for flavor with two pea green eyes. her body robust but tasty was 43hhh-35-44. she was single and for her interview she tore off her clothes and spread herself on my sofa and then inserted her fingers inside and said, “i understand you need a cook who can perform sex acts on you as well as others, or so the word on the street is?”
i had allowed her and others to be told that because i was acting silly but after she stripped and gave me plenty, i hired her.
nancy was the maid and after seeing her small frame thin body i wondered if she could handle the duty. she was 5’7” 129 pounds, 33-26-36 and had a lovely rose tattoo on her shoulder that said “emily” who had been her wife once before she had a sex change. she was feisty and aggressive and after she stripped my pants from me and sucked me like a pro while her duster went up my ass i kept her.
jill was a middle of the road red head with no redeeming qualities ever. her body was flabby and stocky and she had a permanent frown for jaws and her dark green eyes and pug nose made her look ugly, but boy did she have a way with cocks and balls. she came on to me half way into the interview. when i heard her beg to suck me i stood up and she showed me everything i never knew. she took my six into her mouth fully and my balls with it. her tongue wobbled around all of it as she sucked it and when i came she had me begging her to stay. her 38 year old frame was 36d-38-40 and her shaven pussy could only be seen of you had her on her back and pulled her belly up and back, and when i finally found it, man did i get a surprise. she had it as tight as a virgin boy’s ass. i worked it over for another half hour before we stopped and then i decided this was just the right mix.
helga served breakfast in bed with a blow job to wake me up. midday jill came in and we screwed until two. then nancy would make up the beds and room and be waiting after dinner for my nightly blow job. if i had business to take care of out of town jill was my body guard, my companion and my pimp.
we all got along splendidly for a few years like this. i enjoyed the house and them and as i paid them well they enjoyed it to. then helga got sick and had to move back home. nancy was adequate at cooking but we knew we needed someone else to help out there so i asked jill for advice. she if course got angry about me wanting a real cook and made it a brawl with nancy that sent nancy out into the cold permanently. now i was left with jill and peanut butter sandwiches as she couldn’t cook water without burning it. she started having caters come over and serve food for us and that’s when i met winston. he was their point man and a well groomed english butler turned caterer. i offered him a job as my butler and he refused telling me, “i would not work with that woman.” i like jill, maybe even loved her a little so i refused to fire here. winston would deliver the food and serve us each weekend and have two of his servers rotate each night and after a while i began to get the impression that he was interested in me.
so one night being curious i asked him to stay for a few moments and have a private chat with me in my study. we sat discussing things and i came out and asked him, “are you bisexual?”
“no sir i am not, i am fully gay,” winston said proudly.
“now winston a man that is nearly 45 and as good looking as you could still get women anytime he wants them,” i said honestly and then added, “i mean look at you almost 6’4’ 200 pounds in fine shape and distinguished. surely you must find women a bit interesting?”
“sir, i would prefer my woman to have a cock and balls that i might mind you find amusing enough to play with while i shag their ass,” he said smiling devilishly at me. then boldly he said, “i would think someone of your young age, what are you 34 now? might enjoy a walk on the other side for a moment? it might do you some good to have a hard stiff prick rammed up your tight ass and then maybe your throat as well, hey?”
i blushed as he looked at me and smiled, and then i said, “well i might be tempted if it were done properly. i do admit to having fantasies. i have had one for years that no one but me knows about.”
“well sir, if one was to ask in confidence and be told, they would most assuredly keep the secret to their grave. if the one entrusted could perhaps fulfill this lustful tale, then silence would be guaranteed,” he replied in earnest.
“okay winston i do trust you very much and i know if you give your word you keep it. so here is my dream encounter with a man,” i said as i sipped my soda in the crystal glass and sat back. then slowly i revealed my desires to him with, “i am alone in my courtyard out back walking between the tall hedges and open center. a man walks up seeing me clothes only in my silk boxers and from behind gently messages my nipples as he embraces me with a kiss to the cheek. then seeing how well i like his caressing, he slowly turns me to face him as his hands continue pleasing me. i feel his mouth on mine and with a kiss he gives me i am unarmed and open to his advances which he moves slowly but not to slow to suck on my right nipple while his now free hand moves to fondle my ass from under my shorts. gently gliding them down he begins to knead it and squeeze it and as he moves me to the padded benches i am placed naked on my back for his hands to fondle and toy with as his mouth moves to suck my cock gently and then firmly. his fingers limps into the crack of my ass as he continues eating me and when it slides inside it coated with jelly to be placed for the step soon to follow. suddenly before i cum he moves to undress himself and then offer me his meaty reward to my mouth. i kiss it and lick it until he pleased well enough to insert it in my mouth and then i suck on it until he ready for me to enjoy the taste he has built up inside of it. his cream flows into me and through me and then he upon draining it in me kneels to kiss me. his hand now begins to work slowly over my cock and as he does it my cream rises which at small doses he feeds me on a finger. then when he has toyed with me long enough he makes me cum and lick it from his cock. i lick and suck him back to a hardened condition and he mounts me to enjoy his hard surprise for my ass. i let him fuck me as long as he wants and when he comes inside me i draw him to me and we kiss before he leaves.”
winston sat silently for a few moments after i finished and then he spoken in a somewhat broken tone with, “sir i must say that if you are not bisexual, you most assuredly will be very soon.”
“well then you think you can help me?” i asked him smiling with a coy grin.
“yes sir indeed i know i can. i should think that if one were to be waiting in the desired location say saturday afternoon, and then one could expect the desired results that would be expected,” winston said as he rose and pulled his vest down and i saw his hard cock bulge out. then as if he were not embarrassed he said, “i would think that all dreams like these could be readily made reality with the right help. of course there should be no witches present during this time as they have a negative effect on all parties especially this one.”
i understood what he said and as he walked off i began to wonder what if i liked it. i thought on it for a few minutes until jill walked up and asked why i had to close the door and not invite her. i ignored her questions and even after she nagged on i just let her words pass my ears like water on a ducks back. it was thursday night and i had to make it past friday, somehow i felt excited by all he said. then just before eleven jill came in for an unscheduled love session. she was naked and horny as she begged for sex, but i was tired and refused. when i awoke she was still naked and horny and with the greatest of desires she tore my pants down and began to suck me until i reclined on the upstairs hardwood floors and let her suck me off. then we spent the afternoon working on building my new video library, a new type of system came out back then called dvd and i bought all that were available. i was just installing the newest part of my theater when she came in with a statement from the bank.
my then fortune of $138,000,000 had grown from investments and now rested at $152,000,000. she was happier than i was and i realized that she was up to something. so i made her an offer. i had a contract with her and offered to buy out the remaining 5 years for $200,000 a year plus a bonus of half that. she countered with five million more reasons and i agreed. i watched her walk out of the door that friday night giddy with her 7,000,000 bucks and was glad she left. i had grown tired of her nagging ways and hadn’t forgiven her for running nancy off, and in the back of my mind i wanted winston happy as well.
saturday afternoon finally arrived and i waited outside almost from noon until four, wearing a pair of red silky boxers and nothing else. i had allowed the caterers in many times without watching them and paid no attention this day as i waited to see if it would happen. sometime after the main truck left and the servers began to prepare the meal and table, he arrived. he moved behind me as i dreamed and with every detail followed i found myself naked on the bench and sucking his lovely eight inch cock eagerly. when he came in me i felt a gush of emotion ad after several more moments of kissing and being the center of his attention i came as well just as i asked to happen. he fed me the cream from the head of his cock using it to spoon it to me from my belly. then just as i asked he allowed me suck his cock back to full power, a feat that took almost half an hour. then he mounted me smiling at me with his bare hard chest and began to thrust inside me until i was very pleased and he was even happier. his explosion inside my ass made me sigh mightily and him to exclaim a deep ah.
then he dressed me in my boxers and walked me to the dinning room where we ate our first meal together. the servers prepared a perfect feast that night and after they cleared the table i proposed that he move in with me as my guest and full time lover. he wouldn’t hear of it and instead asked to be my butler and told me, “i shall maintain the highest standards as your butler. i will in fact be at your beckoned call sir. i had already taken the lead to enlist my apprentice in the managing and running of my business and as such will maintain ownership and creative control while in your employ. i would also request that money be set aside for payment for services based solely on the good will and generous heart of my new employer.”
now almost all the time i have taken care of him and he me, and though i call him a butler to guest and visitors he is more indeed. when we last checked his business together he had several more offices opened and while he drew a nice healthy salary as the owner, i paid him just as well as my servant and lover.
i find myself naked at night in many places with winston. we have learned that sex in odd places can expand the enjoyment of the act. we truly have learned how to have sex openly and in the open or in the smallest places as well. when we travel i have a wall full of photos of us together in many locations and in poses that have drawn the praise of many other men. his most favorite was me naked tied between ten wooden posts and supported by a rope belt around my waist to a tree above. he had just made love to me and i was creamed all over my face and chest and my cock was creamed on as well. in the background is the spewing lava of an active volcano and in the sides are several other men who helped to cream my body that night with him, all native and all very well hung indeed. the image of hi standing by me as i licked the cum from his cock makes him smile widely when we view it.

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