A Christmas Deal, part 1 by Lovewolf

This last Sunday, Christy (my girlfriend) and I spent half the morning sitting on the couch discussing Cindy. Christy asked, “Where is Cindy going to live? Has she got any money? I know that bastard of a husband of hers, is not going to give her anything, especially now with them filing for divorce and all.”

I replied, “Cindy makes pretty good money, but her husband drinks it all up. The poor thing has’nt got much. I’m really worried about her.” Christy then looked at me and said, “You love her, don’t you?” I took a deep breath and said, “Yes I do, very much.” Christy then gently grabbed my hand, and softly said, “Hey, don’t worry… I’m not mad. I always knew that you loved her. The same way that I know that you Heather.

When I started loving you, I knew how you were, and I did’nt have a problem with it then, and I don’t have a problem with it now. Do you know why? Because you have always been honest about it. You’ve never lied to me. It’s because of the kind of person that you are, is why I love you so much.” I looked at her, and did’nt quite know what to say.

“I’ve got the solution about Cindy. This is the season of giving.” she said as she picked up the phone. She then dialed it. She started talking. “Hi, Cindy?….. It’s Christy… Where are you planning on going now?… Oh you dont….” And the call continued like this for a few minutes. Suddenly Christy said, Now Sweety stop crying…. Stop crying. I have something good to tell you. Johnny and I were just talking, and we want you to move in with us. What do you say?…” Stunned, I almost hit the floor! This was a total shock, but a good one! She then said, “Okay, okay. Well’ we’ll see you in a couple of hours, then. Okay, bye.”

Turning to me, with an evil grin, she said, “Now, loverboy, you can have your cake, and eat it too.” I sat there totally dumbfounded. I could’nt believe that this was really happening. She smiled and said, “Relax, You have loved me like no other. I could’nt ask for a truer love than yours. And it has always hurt me when I have to leave so much, and having to leave you behind. And you have never complained. You deserve a little happiness yourself.” We then kissed.

Cindy came over that afternoon, and mostly sat in the kitchen talking to Christy. All afternoon, I sat on the couch with a tremendous hard-on. Regardless of what Christy had said earlier, I knew that she had something in mind. I eventually fell asleep. When I awoke, They were both sitting in the chairs across from me. Christy said, “while you were sleeping, Cindy and I made love to each other…. Too bad you missed it.”

I suddenly sat up, totally dissapointed, and said in a disgusted way, “Great!” She said, “Well, don’t feel too bad, We’ve decided, that for Christmas, you can take us both at the same time. Until then, all you can do is masturbate,” I quickly jumped up in protest! She immediately said, “However, only if you’re good, and don’t complain, then after Christmas you can have either one of us as much as you want. But until then, you must follow the rules.”

“What are the rules?” I asked. “Simple, no touching of either one of us, AT ALL. And from time to time, you will probably see her and I making love, or you may hear us at night, but remember… NO TOUCHING.” I hollered, “This is a damn rip-off!” She then said, “Oh, but you hav’nt heard the best part, yet.” Then I said, “Yeah, what’s that?” They were really having fun torturing me.

She said, “If you’re really, really good, even though you can’t have us till Christmas, you will get a very special gift, christmas eve night, that will be all yours.” Not feeling very amused I asked, “What?” She then leaned forward and said very softly,…”HEATHER.” I jumped up and asked excitingly, “Heather? I don’t understand.” She then said. “While you were asleep, heather called and asked if she could spend Christmas eve and Christmas with us. So,…. If you’re real good,.. You can have heather all night for yourself, and do what ever you want. Now how’s that sound? I immediately screamed, “You girls have got yourselves a deal!” Now even though I love Christy and Cindy with all my heart, There is nobody who can fuck, or loves to fuck like Heather!

With that, they both stood up, droped there gowns, then suddenly the front door opened. In walked an incredibly sexy girl. Christy said’ “Come in Cathy. Take off your clothes, and sit over here with us, the show is about ready to begin.” I said, “what show?” Chisty then said, “You are going to jack yourself off while we watch. Cindy and I will probably start making love before you’re through, though.” I shook my head and thought that this was not going to be an easy week. But then to my surprise, she said in a compassionate way, “Oh when you get done jacking off, you then can have Cathy. Now,… LET THE SHOW BEGIN!!” God love her, Christy knew that I would never be able to last, so she brought in a girl just for me. And what a girl she was.

Cathy had long brown hair to her waist. She had soft sensuous, bedroom eyes and beautiful full, lucheous lips. Her breasts were about a c-cup, and very pert. They were topped off by two swollen brown nipples. her entire lusheous body was covered with a beautiful dark complection. As she sat on the couch, she spread her legs. Her gorgeous pussy was completely shaven except for a small amount of erotic, wavy brown hair above her clit.

My dick immediately started growing. I pulled off my clothes and sat back facing all of them, then slowly spread my legs, reveiling my toatally erect 8″ lovestick, which was now leaking cum. It was slowly running down my rigid shaft. Cathy gasped, and began breathing hard as did the other two. She said with her soft, sexy voice. “you have a very beautiful dick. It’s making me very wet…. And I just love getting wet. She then slowly ran her finger into her wetness, pulled it out, and then placed it in her sexy little mouth, and began to moan. I barely noticed Christy at this time was licking Cindy. Cindy was moaning very loudly. My dick was screaming to release all of it’s wet white glory.

I began to stroke my throbbing rod. As I continued to stroke this shaft of sex, I could feel it growing even bigger. More cum started leaking. It was all over my pulsating rod,and was also all over my fingers, causing a beautiful sensation, up and beyond the intense pleasure I was already feeling. My breathing was rapid, as I increased the speed. Up and down my swollen dick my hand went. I looked down at it. It was even turning me on. It was so huge, and the head on it was so swollen. It was truely loving the intense pleasure shooting through it with every stroke. It looked so nice and nasty, as it trobbed violently against my fingers.

Suddenly, Cathy cried out, “I’m cumming!” as she was masturbating herself like crazy. She began shaking as large amounts of wetness shot through her fingers. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was wide open as she screamed in pleasure! Christy and Cindy both began cumming very violenty, again and again.

My body began to shake and tremble. God it was feeling so good. Cum was really leaking out of my cock, now. My eyes closed, my mouth was wide open, and my tongue was hanging completely out, as the pleasure increased more nad more in intensity. I began moaning and groaning very loud! I looked at my dick again. It was totally wet, and looked so erotic and so nasty!

Suddenly I was there! Intense waves of pleasure ran through my body, as a flood of wet cum splashed all over me! I shook uncontrollably as wave after wave of intense orgasmic pleasure wracked my total being, and gush after gush of wet, white sperm shot all over my entire body. My face, neck, chest, stomach, and my love rod were totally drenched with my beautiful wet love. Again and again, I kept cumming! My sperm went everywhere! It just kept feeling good, and feeling good, and feeling good! Oh, god I love to cum! Cathy could’nt believe how much I was cumming, Which caused her to keep shooting, and shooting, and shooting! It just seemed like it when on forever!

Gradually it began to fade. We all sat for a few minutes, trying to catch our breaths. Kathy then asked, “Do you cum like that all the time? It is so erotic. I’ve never seen a guy do that before, either.” Heather immediately spoke up. “You will love the way he comes. Wait til he shoots in you, and he just keeps cumming and cumming and cumming! I’ve almost passed out a couple of times, it felt so good!” Christy nodded and agreed. Kathy got up and came over and looked at me. I was totally covered with cum. “You look so erotic. Let’s go to the bedroom.” I took her hand, as we started, Christy and Cindy both started laughing and shouting, “Have fun!!! Don’t cum too much, now!” Then they went to Cindy’s bedroom. When we got to the bedroom, I kissed Cathy, She trembled. She said. “You are so erotic. And you seem like you really feel it. I’ve never been this horny over a guy.” With that I kissed her, my tongue began to swirl around hers, she began to shake. She exploded right there in my arms! Again and again she released her erotic candy. Her wetness was running down her thighs. We then layed on the bed and proceeded to fade into orgasmic glory. I’ll tell you what it was like in part 2. Thanks for reading, Lovewolf

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    please hurry with part 2 your storey’s are the best

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