A Closet Encounter-part 1

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I had know my girlfriend slash friend for many years. It was one of those relationships that started when we were really young and lasted on and off for many years.

She was a girl I met at my first part time job during my late teenage years. She was actually 4 years older than me and was going to college at the time. The same old thing, boy meets girl, flirts with her and then they start to date.

She wasn’t a knock out, but she did something for me that was spirtual and physical…we just connected. Boring stuff that young kids do in the begining…took our time getting sexual, but when we did, we really connected. I think, looking back, I ruined a very sweet and innocent girl. Anyway, we spent years together. Then we did the break up/get back together thing for another period of time. Then in phase three of our long relationship, we would simply meet at her place once in awhile, behind our current partner’s back to have some good, old fashioned kinky sex to refresh our memories of each other from years gone by.

This lasted for a long time. She was wild, and I was just so comfortable with her that we could have unspeakable kinky sex together and really enjoy each other. Don’t get me wrong, she would get those emotional momments and I would remember why i broke up with her to begin with, but weeks or months would go by, and we meet again.

I’d like to share one of those meetings that really stands out in my memories.

During our intimate times, once in awhile we would verbally share our fantacies with each other. Remember, this is a girl that I’ve had anal sex with, phone sex, sex in our cars…of course over many years. Anyway, I opened up to her that I had fantacized about being with a guy and telling her about it. i would go into some detail, whispering in her ear when we were naked lying in bed, and we masterbate or feel each other up while I described what I’d do.

So, this one time we are arranging to meet at her place. i’d bring some beer, she’d fix us something to eat after work and we’d take it from there. Well, this particular time she was seeing a guy, so she share with me what was going on with him. i’d share with her my recent stories of the girl i was with at the time and we’d talk for hours while I drank my beer.

This particular guy she was seeing was different than any of the others she had told me about. She said she wasn’t real happy with him but they kind of passed the time together. We often liked to complain to each other about our current lovers problems and issues.

Apparently, one of her issues with this guy was that he seemed to take a very long time to reach his orgasm when they made love…yea, go figure!! Of, course I said why is that a problem. She said she would be long done with her orgasm and after awhile she would start to just plain get sore with him just riding her for what she said seemed like forever. By the end of the evening, I got the impression that this guy was just a push over and they were just together until someone new came along.

A few days later I started to think about this guy she told me about and was recalling some of the fantasies I had shared with her over the years. I decided I would ask her if she would be interested in making one of my fantacies a reality. See part 2

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