A Fantasy For 3

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Me and my husband Alan (names have been changed) enjoy sharing porn with eachother. We worked different shifts, so we had plenty of time to look at porn on the Internet and send each other the hottest pictures we could find. I would often become turned on at the thought of having sex with alot of the sexy girls but my ultimate fantasy was to have a threesome. I fantasized alot about watching my husband fuck another woman while her and I also pleasure each other. Neither of us had ever had a threesome before and were in our late 20s, so I felt it was something that we should experience. I was shy about bringing it up to him, so I continued to send him porn in his e-mails and gave him hints. Soon afterwards, it became obvious that he would most definitely enjoy fucking a sexy new pussy if given the chance!
We were a few weeks away from relocating to another town when he came home from work one night and mentioned a new girl who started working at his job. He said she was extremely hot and flirtatious. He also learned that she was bi. I had seen her once when I had gone to meet him for lunch. Her name was Julia, she was 20 years old, blonde, petite, and had a tight body. I could tell he was attracted to her. A few days later, he said, “We are moving out of town soon. It would be pretty hot if we were to have a threesome with Julia before we left.” The thought was arousing but I didn’t take it too seriously since they didn’t even know eachother that well. That night while we were about to have sex in bed, I asked him, “What would you do if Julia was in bed with us right now?” He began to show me exactly what he would do to her if she were there. By the time he had teased me and fucked me really good, I agreed that he should see if she would be willing.
He sent her an e-mail rather than asking her at work in person. She replied and said she that she would do it and that she’s willing to try anything. They set a date for the three of us to get together. I had a chance to chat with her before she came over that day. To my surprise, she told me she had never gotten an orgasm during sex before! When I told Alan, he was excited because he knew that he would make sure he made her cum.
That night, she came over and we had a few drinks. She was wearing tight jeans and a pink sweater that showed off her sexy body. We were all nervous but calmed down after several drinks and talking. After a while of watching a little porn, then I looked over and saw them kissing. I let him enjoy her on his own for a moment, then I leaned over and started rubbing her pussy outside of her jeans. She leaned over and kissed me and she had really soft, plump lips. Her and Alan started kissing again and then he stuck his hand in her shirt and started pinching her nipples, rolling then between his fingers. I could tell she was getting really horny, so I suggested we should go to the room.
I had a red light on in there and 3 candles, that way it was dark, but we could still see every inch of her body. He was kissing her and taking off her shirt and I started taking off her pants. He was still playing with her nipples. Her skin was so soft and sexy! We both kissed her and of course I started pulling her clothes off. My heart was racing with lust! He sucked at her nipples while I tugged at her pants. Once her panties came off, I saw her pussy and it was the prettiest pussy I had ever seen! She is very slender, so it seemed her tight little pussy was resting right there on her pelvic bone. She had plump little lips, clean shaven! Once I spread her lips apart, I got extremely wet! I felt my clit throbbing! The skin in between her pussy lips was a pale pink and she had a very tiny pussy hole. Her asshole looked good enough to lick. I started eating her pussy out and it tasted so good! It was just so soft and warm. Alan was still kissing her, but I pulled him down with me cause I wanted him to see her pussy too. He started eating it and banging it with his fingers. I knew he was pleased. I was sure she had the body that he has only fantasized about and Im sure he was excited that he was actually going to fuck her. He took his sweet time too, enjoying every second. So did I!! It was very hot. I couldn’t believe how incredibly sexy she was!
He kept eating her and fingering her while I kissed her and pinched her sweet nipples. She was moaning and grinding her pussy against his face. He kept slurping on her clit and massaging her g-spot until she came in his mouth. She was quite loud and we both knew she came really good. I was extremely wet and I had been rubbing my swollen clit.
After she had her first orgasm, I ate her some more and Alan got a condom, cause he was ready to take her for a ride. He got up on his knees between her legs and slowly stuck his dick in. I could tell it was tight around his dick because her pussy lips were wrapped tightly around his dick. I was watching from behind and saw it go in. He started fucking her and I could tell he made her feel really good. Both of them were in total ecstasy, I could tell. I moved up next to her so I could get a veiw of both of them. He was pounding her harder and harder and he kept telling her how good she felt. I spread her lips apart and we both watched his dick pound her. He just about couldn’t handle it. This was definitely his fantasy fuck!! I doubt he ever even dreamt about fucking a girl with a body like that. And there he was, fucking her…..and she loved it. I kept on kissing her and playing with her sexy little tits. She laid there, all helpless, like she just wanted him to fuck her until she couldnt take it anymore. We kept rubbing her clit and he started pounding harder and harder until he came in her tight little pussy. It turned me on beyond expression to know her pretty pussy made him cum that hard. I tried to imagine just how satisfying it must have been for him to fuck her until he built up that orgasm and just bust!
I still had not had an orgasm yet. I was so busy focusing on them two! Immediately after he came, he started to kiss her and carress her sexy body. Both of us took turns kissing her and eating her sexy wet pussy. He positioned her on top of him and I could see his dick was already hard again! I watched as she lowered her pussy on his dick and he pushed himself inside of her. I went to the end of the bed to watch his dick penetrate her. I spread her asscheeks apart and had to play with my pussy after I saw how good it looked while they fucked. She completely soaked his cock with her sweet pussy juice. She started riding him harder while he pinched her nipples. He wanted to make her cum so bad. He put his hands on her hips and made sure she was grinding her clit into his pelvic bone. He sucked on her nipples and very soon afterwards, she began to moan really loud!!! She started to twitch a little bit and I knew he was making her cum! I could see him watching her while she was in exstacy and I am sure he was extremely turned on. I was quite sure she was very much pleased with her first orgasm while fucking!
After she came, he positioned her in a doggy-style position. I laid under her in a 69 position and we ate eachothers pussies. Her mouth felt so warm and soft and I loved the way she sucked on my clit. I spread her asscheeks for him so he could get a nice good look before sticking his dick in her pussy. I grabbed his dick and rubbed the head of it all over her pussy, especially her clit. After teasing her a bit, I pointed his dick right towards her pussy hole and he squeezed himself inside. He began to pound her pussy good. I was able to get a perfect view of everything until he started pounding her so hard and fast that everything looked blurry. She was moaning so I started rubbing her clit. As Alan was working up another orgasm, he moaned, “Your pussy feels so fucking good!” and I could tell he was lost in the sensations of her tight, hot cunt. He looked down and watched his dick fucking her pussy, her tight asshole, and saw the way her ass was bouncing everytime he thrust into her. He started cumming extremely hard, hard
er than I had seen
him cum in a long time!!
As he got up to use the restroom, she and I continued eating eachother out. Her pussy was very wet from the good fucking she just had. I asked her, “How did that feel?” In a soft voice, she said, “Oh, I loved it! He made me cum so hard…”
When he came back in the room, I laid on my back and told him I wanted to cum. Alan knew very well that I loved the way he banged my pussy with his fingers while he ate me, so he proceeded to do just that! She started licking and sucking my nipples. I asked him, “How did you like fucking her pussy?” And he said, “It felt so fucking good…” I moaned and let them have thier way with me. I could feel him rubbing my g-spot and my pussy was gushing with juices. I closed my eyes and thought about how good it looked when they were fucking and I came so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!
After that, we went into the living room and watched some TV until she excused her self to go home since she had to work the next day. Me and Alan talked about it after she left and we both agreed it was the most thrilling thing we had ever done sexually. The next day, we talked to her and she had also agreed it was the hottest sex she ever had. Since we enjoyed it so much, we did it again a few days later!
Alan and I have moved out of town since then but we still keep in touch with Julia. One of these days, she wants to come and visit us…….so she can cum some more!

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