A Fine Night With My Wife

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So far it had been a fine night. We were all sitting around the fireplace drinking beer and steadily working on a bottle of tequila as we talked and carried on about any topic we cared to bandy about. Both Lisa and I thought Kevin was fine company, and over the past several months our time together had grown longer and more frequent.
Secretly, I was waiting for Kevin to leave so I could cash in on Lisa’s promise of an exciting sex crazed evening before I got either to drunk or tired to be of any use. As usual I was clad in my wife’s panties and hose beneath my pants, and my mind was increasingly drifting to the thought of my wife’s plump bottom covered in her own tight nylon. I wanted nothing more than to strip our clothing from our bodies and began the sweet process of rubbing our silky bodies together, but Lisa wouldn’t shut up and she just kept going on with Kevin about something I wasn’t even listening to.
I was snapped back to the present when Lisa said she was going to the bathroom and would be back in a minute, leaving Kevin and I in an awkward silence if we didn’t engage in some social company right away. Stirring myself I leaned forward to stir the fire and throw a few more logs on. “So Kevin,” I began as I opened the door to the fireplace, “do you have anyone you’re interested in these days?”
“Oh maybe, I haven’t really made a move yet, but I am working on it. Trying to work out just how I should do it. I don’t want to put them off, but I want them to know how interested I am by the same token.”
“Well, I usually think it is best to just go for it and let them know where you stand,” I replied as I began to load a new log on the fire.
“Yeah, I know. It just seems like a big step.”
“Well you won’t know until you try.” I said as I sensed him reaching over the back of my legs for another one of Lisa’s cigarettes. “Just do it, and let it work itself out.
“Exactly,” he said as he lit up, “What do I have to lose?”
“Nothing” is what I started to say when I suddenly noticed something touching my ass, and dealt with the mounting shock as I realized it was Kevin’s hand.
He was gently rubbing his hand over my bent bottom in a slow circle, stopping for a second to feel it firmly in his hand. “Is this what you mean by the first move?”
I had to respond. “I uh, well….” I wanted to protest, but my mind raced to all the dirty little talks Lisa and I had had, and I found myself thinking it was kind of hot having him rub my ass as my cock began to stir.
“Lisa told me a little of how hot you got when you talked about another man touching you, and she has been looking for sometime for a way to fulfill your little fantasy.” His hand never came away from my body. He continued rubbing my ass, letting his hand fall down the back of my leg and drift towards my crotch—not quite making contact with my trapped swelling bulge between my legs. I was just about paralyzed, and I couldn’t let him do anything, but continue on his present course.
“Oh Chris, I see Kevin has evidently told you a little about our sex crazed evening I promised you.”
Hearing Lisa’s voice I reacted with a start and made to quickly move away.
“No.” she said a little firmly as she placed her hand on my hip to keep me in place. “Stay, I like watching him touch you. I asked Kevin to help me, and I told him how much we could help him in return.”
“What did you tell him?” I asked cautiously.
“I told him about your fantasy driven love of cock, and how you begged while I fucked you the other night to let you suck one. Believe me, it took some serious guts to ask if he would be interested in playing a part in our fantasy life, but I decided ‘what the hell, might as well go for it’. Isn’t that almost just what you said a minute ago?”
I couldn’t answer really. I just managed a little gibberish as Lisa guided Kevin’s hand between my legs as they both felt of my hard cock together.
“Why don’t you lean up for me honey?” Lisa suggested as they both continued to touch me.
I complied still not sure of where we were going yet, but knowing full well that I loved the feeling of their hands on my cock.
“Now, Kevin is going to undo your pants for me. Is that fine with you?”
“Oh yes,” I replied a little excitedly.
“Go ahead Kevin. Drop his pants to his knees. I think you will like what you find there,” Lisa said with just a hint of amusement in her voice.
Suddenly I remembered what I was wearing underneath, and I became a little apprehensive. Sensing my state Lisa encouraged me. “Don’t worry Chris. Kevin is a perfectly normal boy, and he loves women’s under-things just like you do.”
Kevin’s arms came around front of me and he began to unbutton my pants, and pull my zipper down. My slacks easily fell away from my body leaving me on my knees, exposed to another man as only my wife had ever seen me.
“Yes.” I heard him say. “You were so right Lisa. I really like what you have here in your man.” Turning his attention to me he continued, “Your ass looks very nice in those panties and hose. I have no doubt that you are going to make me feel very good.”
I could hear Lisa offer a little moan of pleasure at the sound of his words as she joined in rubbing my silky legs. “Why don’t you feel of his cock Kevin?”
“Now, you think?”
“Yes, now. I am already getting very hot with you behind him, and when I get hot I get greedy.”
That said, Kevin reached around me again and began rubbing for my cock. I exhaled deeply as I willed him with my mind to find my straining penis. He took his time rubbing down my lower belly until his strong hand finally came to rest on my rigid shaft.
“Doesn’t that feel good honey? Doesn’t a man’s hand feel wonderful on your cock?”
“Completely,” I replied
“I knew you would love it. I knew you would love being gay for me, and I want you to know how wet my pussy is going to be while I watch Kevin use you like a little fag.” As she finished speaking she brought a moist finger to my lips, covered in her juices, smelling strongly of her sweet pussy. “Have a little taste.”
I opened my mouth and sucked her finger into my mouth, tasting here nectar. “You taste wonderful,” I managed as I sucked the juice from her.
“And you suck so perfectly Chris. I can see Kevin is going to be very happy.”
Kevin interrupted quietly as he continued rubbing his hand firmly over my satiny shaft. “May I have a taste?”
My cock twitched with the thought of my wife putting her cunt covered fingers in his mouth.
“I think you deserve a little reward for being such a help to my husband. Don’t you Chris?”
“Oh yeah, I think that would be fine.”
I was still turned away from both of them watching the fire burn before me. As I focused on the flames I heard my wife say, “Here you go Kevin, have a taste.” I heard him make a little slurping sound as he began to taste her cunt.
“Chris, I wanted to be fair to Kevin. I didn’t think just a finger full of taste would be enough. So, I am giving him a little more.”
I could tell she had that sly sound to her voice as she spoke, and in an instant she revealed why.
“I am sorry you are facing the wrong way honey. You would love seeing this right now, but I will give you the details,” she said as little gasps came up from her. “My pantyhose are down around my thighs, and I have Kevin’s face pressed against my pussy mound.”
I groaned in delight, but she carried on. “He is biting and pulling at my short cunt hairs and trying to wedge his tongue between my legs and lick me, and it feels very good Chris. I wish I could let him eat my wet cunt right now, but we have other plans. Turn around and take a look before we move on.”
I turned and found them just as she said: Kevin on his knees behind me, Lisa standing with her pussy pressed against his face as she gripped the back of his head.
Looking down at me she smiled and asked, “Isn’t that hot Chris?”
I replied with a hungry “yes” and immediately pressed in for a taste of my own. I managed only a quick lick before she pushed us both away,
and we were left with only our faces together.
“Kiss your little gay lover Kevin. Kiss my husband’s mouth.”
In a flash he pressed his mouth against mine and our lips locked as our tongues began to twist and play together.
“Fuck.” Lisa cried. “That is so fucking hot—watching you kiss him Chris—watching your mouth on his face.”
We managed to kiss for only a few seconds more before she broke us apart, our tongues trailing our spit in a string between us.
“Chris, you stay where you are,” she ordered as she continued to let her hand find its way between her legs, “and Kevin you stand.”
We both obeyed, and as Kevin rose Lisa positioned herself behind him, rubbing her hands over his hips and across his bulging cock covered trousers.
“I think Chris is ready.”
“Yes, he looks ready.”
“Chris, are you ready to be a little sissy faggot for me, and suck his cock?”
“I’m ready honey.”
“Good.” Was all she said as she began to unbutton his pants for me. I reached forward to help by pulling his zipper down and she finished by pushing his pants down to the floor—leaving only his tight underwear as a covering for his long hard cock.
“Pull down his briefs Chris, and unleash his cock,” Lisa ordered.
I reached up and placed my fingers inside his waistband, pulling them down, allowing his pretty penis to pop out before my face. Lisa reached around him and took his cock in her hand, gripping it and stroking it a few times. “This is a nice cock Chris. You are going to love this in your mouth, and I am going to love watching him feed it to you. Suck it for me now!” she almost hollered, and with her hips she thrust him towards me. My mouth gaped open and was quickly filled by his thick rod. His hands came around the back of my head and held me to his prick. Lisa moaned and I heard her sigh a long “fuck” as I closed my mouth around him and began to explore the length of his penis with my tongue. In short order I placed my hands firmly on his ass and began moving him in and out of my mouth in a smooth fucking motion. My own cock was raging hard and I could feel my panties growing damp as little drops of cum leaked from the head of my dick.
As I sucked I heard Lisa ask, “How is he Kevin? Is he a good cocksucker?”
“Oh yes, he knows how to suck a cock. You are definitely going to have to make him do this many more times.”
“That good you think?”
He was really getting into feeding me his cock as he began moving his hips back and forth. “I know he’s that good. He may have to get on his knees every time I come over from now on.”
Lisa was growing very excited by Kevin’s report, and she began to rub her hands firmly down his chest as she listened. “Will you cum in his mouth, and make my little gay husband swallow your sticky load? Is he good enough for that?
I wanted so badly to be good enough for that I began to suck him with vigor, sliding the head of his cock through my lips repeatedly like I was jerking him off. I sensed him tensing as his ass grew tighter, and he rose slightly on his toes. I sucked him with everything I had as I listened to Lisa tell me what a cocksucker I was and encouraged me wickedly to finish the job. “Suck him Chris. Make him cum and I will make you a man again by riding your cock until you beg me to stop.”
Kevin’s sighs became groans as she slapped his chest and I worshipped his thick rod with my mouth. Lisa was telling Kevin to shoot his wad. “Go ahead fill his mouth with your liquor. Make him drink it—make him gag on your load of spunk.”
She grabbed his nipples and pinched them hard. In that moment I heard him began to cry out, “Yeah Chris, that’s it, suck my cock you bitch.”
I heard him laugh in his cry. “Suck it!” he called over and over.
In that moment I felt him tighten, and strangely his cock swelled in my mouth followed by a split second of hesitation as his reflex took over and I knew he was going to cum. As quickly as I thought it I felt his hot jizz slam against the back of my throat and began to fill my mouth as he gripped the top of my head and pumped his penis in my mouth over and over—spaying new loads with each thrust. I nearly choked as I scrambled to swallow his offering, but I knew some of his precious liquid was escaping down my chin. Still, I continued to suck him dry, and he continued to call out in deep cries of pleasure until he finally withdrew from gay mouth.
“Oh my God,” my wife said as my wife wrapped her hand around his sticky cock and slowly began to stroke it. “There is cum on you Chris. You let a man cum in your mouth and on your face. You are a bad boy and I love you for it. Come here.”
I rose from my knees towards her and she stooped to press her lips against my face, licking his cum from my chin before she planted here mouth against mine. We kissed deeply for moments and then she pulled away from me, asking in a very pleasing voice, “Are you ready for your reward now? I want to make you a man again. I want to fuck you Chris. I want to ride your cock like never before and drop my cum all over you as you empty yourself into me.”
I couldn’t wait and I began to pull her towards me as I guided us to the ground, rolling her on top of me as we landed. She wasted no time ripping my hose and pulling my panties aside. My cock came free and was instantly guided into her waiting pussy. She began riding me as I pulled her shirt off, exposing her beautiful breasts to my hands. I slapped at them and pinched her nipples as she rode me.
“Your pussy feels so good Lisa. I love fucking you.” I called out as she ground down on me and gyrated with her hips. My hands fell from her tits and found their place at her hips, squeezing the sides of her plump ass as I began to guide her fucking with my hands.
Kevin had knelt next to us and he was watching us fuck with great delight. He reached out to rub my chest for a minute before he moved to touching my wife, rubbing her trimmed mound—moving his hand over her sexy belly—resting them on her tits.
“Spank her Kevin,” I suggested softly. “Spank her while she fucks me.”
“Can I?” he replied.
“Yeah, she loves being spanked. Spank her fat ass for me while I stab her with my cock.”
Kevin moved back a bit, and I began to here the solid sound of his hand slamming against her bottom. Lisa began to cry out in ecstasy and ride me like a stallion.
“He’s spanking your ass,” I panted
“Yeah,” she gasped
“Spank her ass.”
“God!” she yelled, “I cumming. Oh God, Chris. Oh God. Oh, oh, oh.”
Her juices began to flow from her and soak my crotch. I could feel them draining into the crack of my ass.
“Yeah, I thought you were fucking me,” I teased as I continued to make her ride me.
I could just see Kevin behind her and I noticed that his cock was beginning to harden again. “Stroke your cock for me Kevin,” I ask. “Stroke it while I fuck her.”
He began to stroke it slowly, making it grow to its original firmness I remembered when it was in my mouth. As I watched I pulled my wife down over me, exposing her ass to him. “Now, press it in her ass Kevin.”
He wasted no time moving behind her, wiping his cock against our bodies, lubing his shaft with her juices in preparation for his penetration.
“Get ready,” I whispered to her.
Instantly her eyes opened wide, and her mouth fell open in a loud cry as I felt him force his cock into her asshole.
“Oh….” My wife barely managed as he pushed deeper.
“I can feel his cock in you Lisa. I can feel it pressing against mine through you.”
Kevin began fucking her as I held her ass in the air, my dick sliding in and out of her pussy. It didn’t take long—all of us fucking. Lisa began to cry out again and I knew she was going to cum more. Kevin began the familiar grunts I had heard once already as I sucked his penis to completion, and as I listened and remembered, my own cock began to swell and twitch.
“I’m going to cum Lisa. I am going to cum in you right now.”
As I spoke Kevin gripped my wife’s hips hard and I heard him gr
unt as he began to fill her ass with his cum. As I felt his cock spasm against mine, I unleashed my load in her cunt, emptying myself completely. Kevin withdrew his cock and quickly rose to place it in her mouth as I watched her suck his dirty cock, causing the last drops of my hot liquid to be siphoned into her soaking cunt
Lisa removed his cock from her mouth, and looked at me saying, “Now you have to clean all this from me—all of this cum you boys put in me.”
Finding a new position, we both lay between her legs, licking our spunk from her ass and cunt, sharing kisses as we did so, swapping our sperm with each touch of our mouths.
Later, after Kevin had passed out, I climbed on top of her—our naked bodies touching—electric. “That was very hot honey. Thank you for giving me Kevin’s cock. Thank you for letting me drink of his liquid,” I said, “I hope you will let me suck it again.” With that, I pushed my cock into her pussy, and slowly began to fuck her deeply and lovingly.

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