a late night at the office

There were only three people on staff-the boss, Mr. Rivera, and his secretary, Stephanie, and the accountant, James.
After a long day, James returns to his desk from the vending machine to find an enema on his desk. He walks over to ask Stephanie if anyone has been at his desk when she replies, ” Mr. Rivera wants you to go into the restroom. Use the enema. Then report to his office.”
“There’s no way I’m doing that” James replies, quietly turned on, wondering if he is asleep at his desk, dreaming.
“Either you do it or I will do it for you, your choice.”
After she deliver his instructions he considers his options then presuming this is a dream goes into the restroom as instructed, follows the orders given when he hears the door open. Stephanie walks in and lays out some lingerie. White stockings with a lace garter belt.. a white silk pair of panties and corset.
“Put it on” she says abruptly.
James notices the long black gloves she has on now.
He begins to undress then slips the lingerie on. She wraps a white collar around his neck then attaches a leash, leading him out toward Mr. Rivera’s office.
He is sitting behind the desk as they enter. The door slams behind them as Mr. Rivera stands revealing his 9 inch uncut cock dangling from his unzipped trousers. He says nothing, walking over to inspect his employee. Giving him a slap on the ass as he tells Stephanie to bend James over across the desk.
She leads him behind the desk and spreads his legs. She pulls his panties aside and lubes his virgin asshole.
James can hear someone in the outer office, then his wife’s voice.
Mr. Rivera walks behind James and plunges his thick uncut cock up his ass. James screams out followed by the door opening.. his wife walks in stunned at the sight of her husband dressed in lingerie and being fucked in his ass.
James’ wife feels someone behind her forcing her onto the desk facing her husband with a rip of her skirt she feels her panties pulled to her knees.
Stephanie forces her lubed up strap-on into James’ wife. The pair bent over the desk, taking cock from behind.. James whispers it will be over soon honey.. his wife silently whimpering.. trying not to reveal that she enjoys the sensation and that it’s not the first time Stephanie has fucked her pussy.
The fact that James’ wife set up the scenario goes unspoken as James’ rock hard cock flops back and forth as he takes every inch if his boss’ ramming.
James’ wife cums on Stephanie’s strap-on.. screaming out, grasping the desk..
As he watches his wife cum James shoots his wad onto Mr. Rivera’s desk before he feels the hard shaft pulled out of his asshole then feels his boss shoot his load onto his wife’s face then his.

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