A Little Poker Amoung Friends

(Sorry if this is a little long)

It had been a Friday night, a poker night, when I remembered having one of the best sexual experiences of my life. The usual crew was all there, me, Jake, Craig, Shawn, and Shawn’s girlfriend Monica. We had gathered for yet another round of our favorite game. There was no denying I was hooked, although my love for Friday poker night had little to do with card games and much more to do with loosing card games! You see I am a card shark, but the key is I play to loose every time…! Of course I only lose often enough not to arouse suspicion. If the crew ever thought I was intentionally loosing it would ruin it for them. So I had learned the game as best I could so that I could lose it well. Without anyone thinking anything other than bad luck being part of my character.

The rules of the game were simple. We only played seven-stud. Although hold-em is a better game, it just isn’t as practical with the stakes we play for. Basically a glorified version of strip poker but with a kicker: The looser has to serve the whims of the winners for the rest of the night, without question, without complaint, and without remark. I had no problem with this at all. In fact that was exactly what I loved about poker night. Fuck the cards! But I had to admit to a certain satisfaction in the playing of the game in and of itself.

The only thing that made tonight different from any other poker night was Monica. She had never joined us before but Shawn had asked if we wanted her too many times. I never minded the idea but Craig and Jake had always balked before. They didn’t think women belonged at poker night. Apparently Shawn had convinced them and boy did that make me all the more eager to lose! She was really hot. She had jet black, curly shoulder length hair, huge boobs, (I can’t guess the size but they reminded me of a friend of my mother’s boobs that I had caught a glimpse of when I was little) a big-but-not-too-big butt that looked really nice in a short skirt, and very sexy “fuck me” brown eyes that seemed to look right through you. I had to admit Shawn could really pick em! She also looked like she had a mean streak which thrilled me all the more (I just love a gal who’s kinda mean)

Anyway the night began innocently enough; I gave away trips that I had down to Jake’s high pair just to start the night off on the right loosing tone. The guys all ribbed me right away commenting on my notoriously bad luck. I just shrugged and commented that the night was still young and that it was bad luck to win the first hand anyway. About an hour later I was down to my boxers, one sock, and my watch. Monica had lost her shirt and I found that my assessment of her breasts was inaccurate. They were actually bigger than my mom’s friends had been! Jake and Craig seemed to take little notice but she caught me gawking a time or two. Each time she gave me a knowing but evil look that suggested she wouldn’t forget my staring. I just looked away and pretended not to notice.

A few more hands later and I was down to my boxers only. I had chosen to go on an inside straight while Monica had stayed in with 4 to a flush. As the last up card fell Monica hit her flush. My straight or lack thereof was irrelevant. She laughed and waved her arms in the air. They guys just snickered as usual and waited for me to do my duty. I removed my boxer shorts and climbed under the table.

The first step was that I had to circle them under the table and let each one smack my ass, which they did with varying degrees of pain. Monica in particular really laid it on. The audible “thwack” made the guys all chuckle and “oooo” and “aaww”. Then I had to start with the guy to my right, Shawn, and ask him how I could please him. Shawn really liked blow jobs, so he did as I expected and nodded at me to suck to his dick. While they began a new conversation about sports or something I took to my lust like the pro I was becoming. I unzipped Shawn’s shorts and freed his succulent cock. He wasn’t too big or too small. He measured about 7″ and was of normal width. I lightly licked it and let it touch my face. It felt so smooth and soft, despite his hardness that I couldn’t help but stretch out my enjoyment of being so near to it. Unfortunately Shawn was having none of that, he suddenly reached his hand down to me and seized the back of my head. He then grabbed his handsome member with his other hand and guided it to my dick. My mouth was immediately filled with his already throbbing cock. He didn’t force it all the way down my throat but he let me know he was ready for action. I complied slowly bobbing up and down on his wonderful rod.

The conversation, unbeknownst to me had turned to movies. In the background I heard Monica giggling but didn’t think much of it. I was busy taking her man’s cock down my throat and couldn’t focus on silly details like that. I continued my motion for a good five minutes before I decided I had better get a move on if I was going to service everybody. I increased the tempo on his cock now swallowing it whole. I loved the feel of the head on the roof of my mouth. I loved the way it poked the back of my throat. I had no trouble avoiding gagging at this point. The secret to sucking cock is all the angle of your throat. Catch it right and you can swallow as much as you want. So I did, eventually feeling his neatly trimmed pubic hairs brushing my nose. It didn’t take long before I felt the pressure on the back of my head increase. I knew then that he was close so I really started ramming his cock down my throat. I heard him moan and realized in the back of my mind that he had temporarily left the conversation at the table. He then slid his hand to my forehead and pushed it off his cock a little. I fought it some wanting to bury that juicy load in my throat but Shawn would have none of that. He sprayed my hungry mouth with his jizz and only let me taste the head while he pumped the shaft of his lovely member with his hand. He groaned out loud. I heard Monica let out a soft “mmmmm” as he shot his wad all over my mouth, lips, and tongue. I licked it all up and wiped the excess from my face with my finger. I placed it in my mouth so I could savor his every drop of sweetness.

After a minute or so of licking him clean, and the disappearance of his hardness I let his dick drop from mouth and crawled on all fours to my new master. Jake was sitting to Shawn’s right so I crawled up between his legs and smiled at him. He looked down and grabbed his crotch. So it was to be head for him too. He dropped his midnight black boxers (Jake had lost a few hands and wasn’t wearing much) and fed me his love muscle. He had scooted a bit away from the table which afforded the rest of them a good view of the action. I repeated my actions on Jake’s cock. My mouth had gone a little tingly from the blow job I had just given Shawn but I was more then ready for the new task at hand. Jake’s cock was quite large and so was a bigger challenge. He measured every bit of 10″ and was at least three inches around. He had taken my ass once before at another poker night and I thought I’d never walk again. I was sorta relieved he had just wanted me to suck him off this time, although I was game for anything any of them wanted.

I did my best to wrap my lips around his massive cock but it was tough to get more than the head down my throat. I worked at it for awhile and finally found my rhythm. He responded by moaning as I sought the angle and swallowed his massive manhood. I began giving him the treatment I had just given Shawn. I pistoned my mouth on his dick, rapidly moving up and down the length of his thick shaft. He reached down with both hands and held my ears as I swallowed him repeatedly. He moaned again and I heard him saying “oh god, oh god”. He was obviously enjoying this and began to buck his hips in time with my rhythm. After a good five minutes of this he tensed up and I prepared for the gift that was his to
give. He too, pulled it out of my thro
at and shot his wad all over my hungry, waiting mouth. The difference this time was that Jake had obviously not cum in a while. He literally doused me with his creamy sweetness. I could barely handle it all as it sprayed in my mouth, on my nose, on my forehead, and just drenched me. I soaked it all up using two fingers this time to gather his love juice and greedily swallowed it all. He heaved and huffed and groaned as he finally spent his load and his orgasm subsided. He let his head lay back on the back of the chair and rested it.

I was now very warmed up though my mouth had taken a real beating. Don’t get me wrong I was hardly wearing out but anybody who has serviced more than one person at a time knows it takes a bit out of you. Fortunately our newest member was next in line. Monica had watched the entire show and was very turned on. She had already removed her panties and was very excited to get her turn. I took a moment to regain my composure and proceeded to crawl to her. She scooted to the edge of her seat without prompting. Her pussy had obviously been used before as it looked a little stretched but the thought of Shawn’s cock ramming into her little box only turned me on all the more. I moved between her sexy thighs, careful to feel their silky smoothness so different from the guy’s legs I was used to being between. It had been awhile since I had been with a woman so I was really looking foreword to this little treat. Her clit was erect and dying for attention. I obliged by swiping it with my tongue. She moaned loudly at the touch. Without further invitation I commenced my tongue bath of this incredibly sexy lady’s delicious cunt. She tasted like pure honey. Well fucked or not she was quite a woman. I swirled my tongue around her lips and plunged it into her gaping hole. She held the back of my neck gently while I worked over her sexy little box.

She began a constant high pitched moan that must have turned on everyone at the table. I took my cue and treated her to the same action I had given the two boys before her. I lightly flicked my tongue across her clit in constant but steady motion. She went wild. She wrapped her legs around my back which thrilled me to no end. It had been awhile since I’d felt something like that and it was nice to know I could still please a gal. I eagerly continued working her very sexy pussy while she began to gyrate in the chair. I took my time savoring every part of her delicious cunt. Without warning she clinched her legs around me and started a high pitch moan that could only mean one thing. I did my best to keep up with her now unpredictable bucking and gyration. She rode my mouth like a bandit fleeing the law. For nearly a minute she screamed and rocked against me. It was one of the more senuous moments of my life. She plastered my face to her pussy as she finished her stunning orgasm. My lips were mashed into her as she took control of the motion letting me know who was in charge.

I lingered at her love mound a little longer than was necessary gently flicking her lips and alternatively plunging my tongue inside her. After a few minutes of this she gently pushed me away indicating my time at her feet was done. I slowly crawled to Craig who had been lazily masturbating while watching Monica cum. I heard Jake and Shawn moving around but I didn’t have time to look around. I moved to put my mouth on Craig’s pumping member but he looked down at me and told me to turn around. I did as ordered presenting my asshole to him and prepared for the reaming. Craig always liked to fuck me. I didn’t mind one bit. I felt him smooth something wet and slick on my backside and tried to relax my ass for the onslaught that was to come. I felt his member rubbing on my hole, probing it. Then he unceremoniously spread my ass cheeks and entered me. I moaned a little at the slight pain of entry but never wavered in my posture. I was prepared to take him like a cheerleader on prom night.

He slowly pushed the length of his cock inside me. He had the smallest pecker of the three of them, though it was still bigger than mine at 6″. I felt his groin press into the crack of my ass and knew he had inserted himself all the way in. He held it there for a moment using all his strength to bury it in me. It felt so good I could barely stand it. He then began slowly withdrawing his cock and as it nearly came out he plunged it back in, a long slow rhythm that was meant to build up the tension. He succeeded in doing that. My little pecker was hard as a rock. I reached down and tried to stroke it as best I could. Craig didn’t let me get too far with that though, as he gradually increased his rhythm. He began pounding my ass, still withdrawing nearly to the point of exit then plunging right back down to the pelvis. This was fantastic. He was very good. After a brief time he was at it hard and heavy. I could no longer concentrate on my little hard pecker. All I could do was focus on the very hard cock burying itself in my helpless asshole. Through the haze of a good reaming I realized Shawn, Jake, and Monica were messing around now too. They were in a bunch at the other end of the table. Jake was fucking Monica across one of the chairs and Shawn was fondling them both. My vision of this swam out of focus as I buried my face in the carpet. It was a bit surreal, the smell of Jake’s new carpet at my nose while Craig fucked me silly. It didn’t take him long before he tensed up and forced his load deep in my ass. He brutally fucked me when his time came, showing me no mercy. I couldn’t move. I lay there as he withdrew from me, not wishing him to go.

I hugged the floor now, feeling quite satisfied. Well almost…I looked up to see Jake shooting yet another massive wad all over Monica’s sweet little twat. I was instantly hot again and slowly made my way to my knees and crawled under the table to her savory snatch. There is only one thing better than a good pussy, and that’s a freshly fucked and dripping pussy. Without seeking permission I buried my face in her cunt yet again savoring every creamy drop of Jake’s hot sperm that had mingled nicely with her muskiness. I greedily cleaned her pussy with swipe after swipe of my tongue. Swallowing every precious drop of fluid I could get. I gave her another tongue bath that resulted in yet another orgasm. I couldn’t get enough of this incredibly sexy woman.

Then without warning I felt Shawn grab me from under the table and pull me toward him. Monica had been performing like her namesake, swallowing his cock like a champ. Apparently that wasn’t enough as he turned me around and plunged his cock in my well fucked ass. I hardly batted an eye as he did this, my ass now well stretched and ready. His onslaught was immediate and without mercy. He took to fucking me like he’d been doing it all night, slamming me hard with each thrust. He had a hold of me by the shoulders and was using maximum leverage to slam his cock deep in my rectum. I was, however, in for a little surprise. Apparently Monica was so impressed with my talented tongue that she decided to return the favor. She crawled underneath me so that we were in a 69 position. I finally got to appreciate her wonderfully large breasts as they pressed into my belly. Shawn never let up his onslaught but moved a little to accommodate his sexy girlfriend. She easily swallowed my little guy and worked him like a champ. The combination of Shawn’s cock in my ass and Monica’s mouth on my cock was more pleasure than a man had a right to have. I’m ashamed to say I came rather quickly. Monica swallowed every drop and didn’t stop there. Shawn pumped my ass for another couple minutes before he withdrew his member and spurted all over my ass and his girlfriend’s hair. I groaned and fell over as Monica rolled me over beside her. We lay there for awhile fully enjoying the afterglow of yet another loosing night playing poker!

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