A night in the Tropics

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A wonderful aroma swept over me carrier from the inside of the villa on an ocean breeze gentle waking me. My eyes began to open out of a very deep and apparantly very much needed sleep, almost comatose state filled with vivid dreams. I wasn’t sure at first sight of a dim light where I was, what time it was or even what day it was. The more alert I became the more I realized that “this” was not part of my dreams, I really was here in Paradise with the love of my life.
It seems, that in this life, some people have good things come so naturally and some of us have to work at it. In my younger years I would always wonder why and almost resent the fact that I had to work so very hard for those “good things” in my life. WHY, did I have to fight and work so hard for a good life and others seem to be just BORN into it? It didnt seem fair. I guess its true, with age comes “wisdom”, over my years I have become to beleive that I appreciate the “good” even more because I HAD to work for it, I had to make it happen and it made me a better person.

My mind started to clear as my eyes adjusted to the dimming light. Fully opened, I focused on the brillant sunset. The sky was streaked with color as the huge ball of fire started to sink into the Caribbean Sea. You can almost HEAR the sizzle as the sun seemed to touch the sparkling blue water. It is a most wonderful feeling when you start decifer your dreams from the life your waking too and it is even more wonderful to realize that the “bad” was just the dreams, or in my case old memories that have taught me many lessons in life and the “good” was the reality I earned. I have had both and would much rather have it this way. To me, “dreams” are either memories or promises of the future, a future I knew I would have to work for if I wanted. Be it day dreams or night dreams, they are part of the road maps God has sent us. If more people would be in touch with the messages from above, feel it, think about, look at those around them – those sent as sort of markers or road signs – to go along with the maps and work towards it the “relaxed” feeling is wonderful. You may not know why the Lord wants you to “take that path” or make that turn but once you have accpeted it and just “go with the flow” its like riding on the wings of God. My years have told me that is part of why it seems some people make it look so easy. We may not understand it, we may feel it goes against everything we THOUGHT or know or was taught from life but it makes “life” so much easier to accept.

I had it the “other way” way too long. During my years without him – my dreams would be of him sleeping next to me and I would wake up with a smile on my face, expecting to turn and see his adorable face next to me. The feeling of dissappointment and saddness was almost shattering when I was fully alert and realized that wasn’t the case, that it wasn’t him sleeping next to me. But it would soon fade into hope as I realized the dream was my promise from above that one day it would be him as long as I sat nestled on Gods wings and road the breeze. I turned to make sure it WASNT a dream, that he WAS next to me and a moment of panic rushed across my body when I realized I was alone in the hammock and tried frantically to sort out my dreams. As the panic started to peak, his soothing voice put an end to it.

“Your up” John said as he bounced through the villa doors and stopped dead in his tracks to admire the brillant sunset “Wow, what an awesome view”.

“Yes, it is” I replied with a smile but not looking or thinking about the setting sun. I was looking at him and thinking about how much I love him, thanking God once again for sending him to me.

“Dinner will be ready shortly” he said as he just stood there with his hands in his pocket, frozen in place waiting for the last few moments of this day. The sun sinking fast to the bottom of the sea, to rest, to recharge only to rise again in a few hours and shine its warmth upon us.

“Why didnt you wake me, I could have helped” I said as I started to get out of the hammock.

“No big deal” he replied ” “I’ll set the table” I said as I walked towards him for a hug to TOUCH him, to make sure he was really here with me. Standing behind him, with my arms wrapped around his waist and my chin resting on his shoulders my body relaxed in pleasure, this was real, he WAS here with me.

“Ok” he said as he lifted his arm up and over my head,my body moving into his. He kissed my cheek as the last streak of fire melted into the sea then went back inside.

Before heading inside to get the linens and dishes I lite the tiki tourches around the white wicker table and on the loggio lights to a romantic dim.

“Smells wonderful” I said as my stomach begane to rumble, I didnt realize how hungry I was until I smelled his wonderful cooking. “The water is boiling, can you get the lobester and drop them in the pot for me” he smirked.

“Not in this lifetime” was my reply in panic until I realized he was joking. “Just checking” he said as he dropped the still moving creatures into the boiling water to their death. “Oh geezzeee” I groaned as my stomach turned and my face wrinkled in disgust. “What?” he smiled knowing damn good and well WHAT! “this is your dinner” he laughed. “I know that but I dont want to watch the cow be killed for my steak anymore then I want to watch this” I said as I grabbed the linen & table settings I could hear his chuckle.

The table looked beautiful, the colorful dishes on the crisp white linen and sparkling silver – it just made you smile. I scanned the area for a center piece, not flowers again…shells! There was a shiny conch shell near the hammock and grass was scattered with dried starfish, sand dollars and assorted colorful shells that either birds have dropped or the guests before us left behind. I placed the conch shell in the center and scattered a select few perfect shells around it – stepping back and smiling, John emerged with dinner placing it at each setting. I had to sit and admire the finishing touches of his meal to my table – it looked great. I find nothing sexier then a man who cooks, and he knows!

The night sky drew darker and the stars sparkled like the sequins on a Bob Macky evening gown. Dinner was wonderful and the company was unsurpassed I was in heaven as We sat and talked for hours, there never seemed to be a lack of conversation topics, past – present and future. I loved talking to him, I always have.

We discussed going into town this evening but the setting was just too beautiful and I was so very much enjoying our talks – our past, our fears, our dreams, but we shall play it by ear as always. I cleaned up after dinner while John reloaded the music, lite the tiki tourches that surrounded the pool and poured himself an Irish Mist and me, A Baily’s. We sat on the wicker sofa, enjoying the view, our drinks and most of all eachother.

Our energy level’s had started to increase as the evening wore on…OK – we HAD to get out! “Sweety, do you feel like heading out into town? Its still early. We could call a cab and hit the club at the Frenchmans Reef for a few hours and sleep in tomorrow.” I asked as my hand ran along his thighs. “well if you start this again, we will never make it.” he replied with a smirk “but sure, I am up for it if you are”.

“Terrfic, I just want to jump in the shower first” I said as I stood up and handed him my emtpy glass. “AGAIN? How many showers a day are you going to take…never mind – I ‘ll go change and call the cab. Can you make it in a half hour?” He asked as he finished his drink. “as they say… No Problem Mon!” I replied as I danced off towards the outdoor shower to Bob Marlys Jammin.

I just wanted to freshen up, and I so love showers and my oil ritual afterwards! After the oils soaked in, I slipped into a white floral halter dress, no bra, no slip and no panties! Well, it was a hot night! Leaving
my hair down, just as he likes it and my white, ankle strapped 6 inch spiked
heeled shoes would really set off the outfit and my tanned legs. Bright pink lipstick and dark eyes made my face glow as I checked one last time in the mirror to make sure everything was perfect when I heard the cab driver honk the horn and John yelling – “Honey, come on baby…you look fine!” Your DAMN RIGHT I thought as I skipped out to the front!

Frenchmans Reef is a large Marriot hotel resort on the otherside of the island sitting high atop the reef as the name suggests. Its a great club where you can meet people from all over the world. As I slid into the back seat next to John I noticed how adorable he looked in his white pants and light purple button up silk shirt. “You look awesome handsome!” I said as I scooted closer to him and the cab driver backed out of the driveway.

“So do you sweety” he said as he placed his hand on my thigh “Wow, I am always amazed how soft you are, your skin is as silky as my shirt” he said as his hand moved up my thigh and my legs opened a little wider.

“And your hands feel so good baby” I replied as I felt his hand inch up under my skirt, down between my thighs and moving up closer to my pussy that was getting wet already with excitment. I felt his little finger gentle brush my silky smooth bare pussy lips and shuttered with excitment. “No panties baby? Very nice!” he whispered as his fingers moved in to penetrate me and my legs opened even more.

“Oh baby, that feels so good” I moaned in a low whisper “Oh my God, dont stop, please dont stop” In one swift motion, he moved his left hand away from pussy and around my shoulders and moved in with his right hand, running the palm of his hand up my thigh to cup his hand over my pussy and penetrate me with his middle finger. His face moved closer to mine and I moved in to take his tongue in my mouth and suck it like it was his cock moving my right hand to his legs, searching for his hardon.

My ass was wiggling wildly on the hot vinly seat of the cab, I could feel how wet I was, his finger fucking me as I moaned in pleasure with his tongue in my mouth. He was so very hard, I needed more. I was so excited I couldnt breath, pulling my face away to gasp for air and try to calm down I noticed the cabbie had re-adjusted the rear view mirror and was watching us as he drove the winding mountainside, which just made me hotter. “Whats the matter sweety?” John asked as I winked at the cabbie who was looking at me. “Not a thing handsome” I replied as I lifted my hair and untied my halter, letting it fall and pinched my nipples while never taking my eyes off the cabbies image in the mirror.

“What are you doing now?” John asked as he pulled his finger out of my pussy and leaned back in his seat. “Shhhhh baby, no talking” I whispered as I leaned into him and unzipped his pants to let his hard cock out for air. “Oh baby, what are you doing?” he asked, in a low moaning voice,but not fighting it at all. “shhhh” I said again as I leaned into his lap and began to kiss and lick the head of his cock.

I loved to worship his cock, to make love to it with my mouth, running my tongue along the head – licking up the precum and swirling my tongue around my mouth to savor the flavor. I sucked on the head, using suction to keep him in my mouth while I used my hands to pull his pants down around his knees as he lifted his ass and tired to hard to get the words out in a very low, groaning whisper “baby, stop…no, dont stop” as he melted into his seat and didnt care anymore.

I ran myhands down under his ass as I went all the way down on him, taking his cock all the way in to the base. My fingers working magic and my tongue swirling around his cock while I slowly sucked him all the way in. As I felt the cum start to well up in his balls I slowly withdrew him from my mouth and brought my hands back up.

As I lifted my head I took a peak to see if the cabbie was still watching, he was – and driving very slowly! I turned my body into his, hiked my skirt and straddled his lap, rubbing my soft, bare, wet pussy lips along his cock while I dangled my tits in his face. His hands on my waste and mine on the back of the seat..I gentle grinded into him. My clit rubbing againts his stomach making me moan in delight and my hard nipples in his mouth. His head was back on the head rest with his eyes closed – looking down on his face and ruunning my tits along his face as my upper body moved along with my lower body. Each time my nipples neared his lips his mouth opened to grab for them and I quickly pulled them away, teasing him – running my soft tits all over his face.

His cock was pulsating, my pussy was dripping – aching for him inside him..but the tension felt so good. I loved gliding on the outside of his cock, feeling it pulsate, feeling the head hit my clit. We were so wet, so hot – I needed to feel him inside me. I lifted his cock with my pussy as my ass moved around and he so naturally slipped deep inside me. The first hard thrust threw me into a mind bending orgasm, forcing my body upright and letting out a hard, deep scream of pleasure. John lifted his head and opened his eyes to watch me as my hands moved to my tits and played with my nipples as I bounced up and down on his hard cock – my eyes were closed but I knew he was watching as his hands on my waiste kept me from falling. Gliding harder and faster on his cock, feeling every inch of him deep inside me I began to get dizzy and fell back into him. His head buried in my hair, his hands now on my ass, cupping each cheek as I fucked him harder and harder, moving so fast in rythem, my breathing so deep yet shallow.. Oh God baby, oh my god, oh god … in a low breathy moaning voice getting louder and louder as I felt his cock throbbing inside me and getting ready to cum…..Oh God!! My body tightened as I hit one final hard orgasm and felt his final thrust deep inside and his hot cum shoot in and mix with mine. He clentched my ass as he held me and let out a moan as he enjoyed his climax. We didnt move, but felt each other, enjoyed each other as our bodies relaxed and I felt him soften inside me. “Dont move baby” I whispered in his ear “Please dont move, I want to feel you inside me as long as I can” as I enjoyed every little aftershock orgasm shoot over my body.

Johns hands relaxed and moved back up to my waiste, running up my back. “Sweety?” He whispered in my ear. “What baby?” I said in a low, breathless moan. “We arent moving.” he said in a confused voice. “huh?” was my only vocal reply still enjoying the sensation in my pussy. “the cab, it is parked. We arent moving” he said as he let his grip go and I came back to earth to sit up, feeling his soft cock pop out of me. Still stradling his lap, I turned to look and saw the driver – he had pulled over to watch us and jerk off!

“Hello??? Excuse me sir?” I said looking at the cabbie while dismounting my lover. “Yes lady?” he replied with a dazed look in his eyes. “Did you cum honey?” I asked him as I noticed he was starring at my tits. “Oh yes my lady, very nice.” he replied as he smiled and pulled a towel off the front seat and wipped his hands off. “Good. Now can we please drive?” I kindly asked. “My lady? Can I touch your tits? They look so soft.” he asked with a grin. “No honey, you cant touch.” I replied as I tied my halter back up “So please turn around and drive.” “Ok my lady, no problem” he said as he turned and put the car into gear.

I reapplied my pink lipstick and fluffed my hair as John wipped himself off and put his clothes back together. We werent far from the Reef and lord knows how long we were really parked on the side of the road. As we pulled into the lot the driver asked if he should wait “No thanks, we will call you when we are ready” I said as John reached for his wallet to pay him. “Do we tip him John?” I asked with a smile – “I think we did, but a little hush money in his pocket wouldnt hurt!” he replied. “Ok sweety, whatever you think. I am going to go in and hit the ladies room t
o freshen up. Can you get me a Long Island Ice Tea
and meet me in that corner booth or in that area?” I asked as the cab came to a complete stop and I kissed John on the cheek. “Ok babe!” he said as he kissed me back on the forehead.

This club is awesome – many dark coves and booths. A huge 100 year old solid wood bar and a large dance floor. Steel Drums filled the air and the aroma of tropical flowers was so erotic. I walked out of the ladies room, all fresh and ready to go and swayed my hips to the song Buffalo Soldier as my eyes scanned the room for John. The club was packed! So many beautiful people! I moved towards the bar and noticed John on the dance floor, but he wasnt alone! A beautiful lady was dancing very close to him. They werent touching and John isnt much for dancing, but he isnt rude either – so he just moved to the beat a little while the lady did her seductive FUCK ME dance in front of him.

I walked up behind him on the dance floor and grabbed his ass while I whispered in his ear “wheres my drink sweety?” and sweeped around behind the lady blocking her from backing off and winking at a John whose face now relaxed from the terror of what he thought I might do when I found him dancing with another woman.

I moved up behind the lady, very close – my tits rubbing against her back “You do realize you will have to go through me to get to him” I whispered in her ear as I placed my hands on her hips and pushed my pussy into her ass. She didnt say a word.

“You know, he just fucked me in the cab. His cum is still inside me. He is so very good” I whispered into her ear as my hands moved down to her thighs. She was still dancing in front of John, who was just trying to maintain composure and dancing along with us. My hands lifted her skirt until I found her soft, bare thigh – inching my hands to see how far she would let me go. The music slowed down, No Woman No Cry was now the tune that I grinded into her ass with my pussy and ran my hands under her skirt and up to her panty line. “Your very beautiful I whispered into her ear” as my finger inched under her panties “Have you ever been with a woman?” I asked. “No” she said with a shaky voice. “Do you like the this?” I asked as my finger found her neatly trimmed pussy and teased her lips. She could only manage to let out a deep sigh of pleasure as her knees weakned and her legs spread alittle wider.

John was getting nervous,but maintaining his composure as he watched me work on this lovly lady. “Your getting nice and wet. Does it feel good?” I asked as I penetrated her pussy with my finger. She let out a louder moan as her body relaxed into mine. I ran my left hand up to her waiste to keep her on her feet and moved myhand up to brush her tits as my finger gentle fucked her. “Do you want more? Hmmm? Honey? Do you want more, like this? Do you still want him or are you going to let me lick your pussy?” I whispered in her ear as I moved my hand to pinch her nipple and my head to the other side of hers and my finger deeper inside her pussy. “I want to lick your pussy, will you come with me, come with us? I want to make you cum, to make you scream sweety…are you alone her? I asked as I ran my tongue along her neck. She could only let out a low “Oh god, yes, yes, yesssss”

“I can get a room upstairs. Will you go with us? I want to lick your cunt and teach you how to enjoy another pussy as well. Ok?” I questioned as I removed my finger from her pussy and placed it in Johns mouth to suck off her juices from my finger.

“Come on John, lets get a room” I said as I grabbed her hand and led the way to the desk. She willingly followed.

The room had a big king bed in the center, filled with fresh flowers and the balcony door was open letting in the salt air and sounds of the waves crashing against the reefs. John tipped the bellboy who was very interested in what we were doing while I took her out onto the balcony. “baby, please put on some music and order some chardonney with 3 glasses please” I requested as I led my new lady friend out into the humid night air.

“I dont know what to do” she said in a cute innocent voice as she just stood there. “Dont worry about a thing honey, just relax and enjoy” I said as I moved in and started to kiss her neck and run my tongue along her soft lips, parting her mouth open with my tongue. My hands on her waiste, her tongue came out to meet mine.

John joined us, walking up behind her so we were in the same position we were in on the dance floor. “John sweety, unzip her dress” I said as I pulled away from her mouth. He slowly unzipped her dress while I removed it from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. “What beautiful tits you have honey” I said as I touched them, running myhands around them like fine Austrian crystal. I untied my halter so my tits could touch hers, “feels very nice doesnt it?” I said in a low whisper as i rubbed my tits against hers and continued to french kiss her a little more. My hands reached around for Johns and brought them to her tits. “John, hold her, she is so soft too” I said as his hands cupped under her breasts and held them up while i leaned in and took one of her nipples in mouth and sucked it. Her knees buckled and she let out a moan of delight as John held her up and my hands moved in to remove her panties with her tit in my mouth, my tongue flicking her hard nipple.

My body moved down as I slid her panties off and my face was looking at her pussy. I grabbed her ass and moved her into me, running my tongue along her pussy as John played with her tits and grinded into her back. “Oh honey, you taste so good” I said as my tongue parted her pussy lips and teased her clit as she wiggled and moaned louder with pleasure.

“Honey, here, sit down before you fall down” I said as I stood up and motioned to the chair on the balcony. She moved to the chair as I leaned in and spread her legs wide, on my knees my tongue began to fuck her pussy as she let loose and screamed louder and louder with each orgasm. I lifted my head to see her face “play with your tits honey, touch yourself, pull your nipples” I demanded as my fingers fucked her. Her clit was hard, wet, hot, as pink as my lipstick as I sucked her wildly. I felt John behind me, his hands on my ass as he moved in – he was rock hard again. “John, fuck me, please fuck me in the ass, fuck me baby” I begged as I moved back in to suck her clit and fuck her with my fingers.

I could feel the head of his cock as he inched into my ass, it felt so good as he slowly enetered, I was so wet, already building up an orgasm. His hands on my ass as he jammed his cock deep inside me and my head threw back as an orgasm rushed over my body..OH GOD SWEETY HARDER, PLEASE HARDER I screamed as my head went back to suck her clit – as she grew loader and loader “Oh god, dont stop, it feels so good…” my new lady friend yelled. The heat, the passion, the air filled with load moans and groans of pleasure – her clit was pulsating and my fingers wildly fucking her as i sucked her off to the point she tightened, grabbed my head and screamed out echoing over the reefs, John was fucking my ass harder and harder until one last thrust as he clentched my ass and pushed himself all the way deep inside and shot yet another load into me as I felt the rush of pleasure, my moans muffled by her sweet pussy. All 3 of our bodies shuttered as the final moments of climax rushed over us, then our bodies relaxed. My head rested against her thighs as my fingers gentle massaged her pussy lips and John went to his knees to gain composure. The only thing you could hear was our deep, shallow breathing and the crash of the waves.

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  1. great story hope we get more

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  2. twilight

    O my gosh. Being a young lady, i wish I was the your lady friend. Wow. I feel so warm after reading that. Thanks!

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    You never know – maybe one day twilight. xoxoxo

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