A Room With A View To Remember

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Elizabeth checks into a room at the Paradise Motel. “There you go Ma’am, you’re in room Sixty Nine. Enjoy your stay” the receptionist said with a smile. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome.” She grabs the room keys and paper work and heads to the room.
The sign on the door read Heaven on Earth. She inserted a key to open the door and what she found inside, besides the two full size beds and all the furniture, astounded her. The walls were papered with clouds against a light blue sky and the sun coming up behind the horizon, giving off the feeling of being in an airline plane early in the morning. “Wow! This ought to be a fun room to make love in”, she thought with a smile.
Setting her black and tan tote of goodies and toys down on one of the beds, she picks up her phone and calls the lady that will be meeting her. “Deborah? It’s Elizabeth. I’ve got a room at the Paradise Motel … room Sixty Nine, you are going to LOVE this room!” she said in excitement. Ten minutes later, Deborah arrives and a hesitant knock on the door sounds.
Hanging up her phone, she thought, “I have just enough time to set up.” Unzipping her tote, she takes out her lavender flower petals and spreads them out on the opposite bed. The candles come out next and get lit. “Oh shoot! I forgot my cd player, oh well. We’ll have the television.” With the candles lit, she turns the lights down low. With nothing more to do, she sets the tote on the floor, out of sight.
Knock, knock, knock! Elizabeth looks at her watch, “Just in time,” she says with a smile. Answering the door, Deborah says, “Hi Elizabeth. Please forgive me, I have never done anything like this before, so I don’t know what to do or expect.” “Don’t worry, you are in good hands”, Elizabeth reassured her, as she led Deborah into the room with a smile and one hand on her back. “Please sit, make yourself comfortable.”
Deborah sits on the corner of the bed with the flower petals, rocking back and forth as she looks around the room, nervously. “So what do you want to do?” Elizabeth asks, attempting to start a conversation. “Can we just chat for a while first? At least until I feel comfortable here.” “Oh sure, you bet. So what makes you want to do this?” “Well, I’m curious about why I’ve looked at women my whole life, and have often wondered what it would be like to be with one. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why I kept looking at them. Needlesstosay, it drove me crazy.” “Did you finally figure it out?” “Yeah, I’m bi-curious! I have always heard that ‘A woman knows what a woman wants’, but I have my doubts, you know?” “Yeah, I was in your shoes once, so I completely understand how you feel.”
A moment of silence falls over the room, making them both uncomfortable. “Anytime you feel comfortable let me know” Elizaabeth said with a comforting tone. “You’ll be the first to know.” They both laughed.
Elizabeth moved over to the bed Deborah’s on and sits next to her. “Mind if I sit here?” “No, not at all” Deborah said nervously, inching over a little to make room for Elizabeth.
Elizabeth, being the bold one she is, leans in to get a glance at Deborah’s breasts through her light pink cashmere sweater. Deborah notices, but tries finding something to fidget with, pretending not to notice. Elizabeth raises her right hand toward Deborah’s tiny breasts and …
“You know what? I knew I’d be nervous, so I brought something to calm my nerves. Would you like to see it?” Deborah bursts out, attempting to change the subject. “Oh sure, where is it?” “Out in the car, I’ll go get it, be right back.” “Okay, I’ll be here.” Elizabeth sits back and patiently awaits Deborah’s return.
As Deborah walks down the hall and out to her car, she lets out a big sigh of relief. Talking to herself, she quietly says: “I want to do this, I really do, and Elizabeth is so nice, so why am I still a nervous Nelly? I shouldn’t be, I’ve been here for at least an hour now.”
Five minutes have passed, and she knocks again. “Here it is. It’s a scarf I’ve been working on for this years winter” she said as she pulls it out very carefully. “It’s beautiful Deborah, I like it.” “Thank you.” “You’re very welcome, hon. You look warm in that sweater, why don’t you take it off?” “Take it off?” Deborah asks nervously. “Yes, have you forgotten why you’re here?” Elizabeth asks with a chuckle. “Yes, for a moment, I guess I have.” Deborah giggled. “You have nothing to worry about hon, it’s just us here. No one will ever know about this, okay?” “Okay.” Deborah said hesitantly, and added, “Start slow with me please.”
Elizabeth, again, raised her right hand, this time, placing it on Deborah’s lap. “Can we turn the tv on please? If I have something to watch, it’ll take my mind off of being so nervous and uneasy”, Deborah asks. “Sure thing, hon, whatever you want.” Elizabeth gets up and turns the set on, and grabs the remote, returning to her spot on the bed. “Anything you want to watch?Elizabeth asks, flipping through the channels. “Right there!” “Animal Cops?” Elizabeth asks, confirming Deborah’s choice. “Yeah, it’s my favorite show.” Deborah said, smiling. “It’s one of mine too.” Elizabeth said as she sets the remote down on the bed. “Too cool! It hurts me to see innocent animals getting hurt like that”, Deborah said with concern. “I know, but it’s so good when they find new loving homes for those animals.” “I agree.”
Sliding her hand back and forth along Deborah’s right thigh, Elizabeth watches her expression. Thinking that Elizabeth is also watching television, Deborah closes her eyes for only a moment. Elizabeth smiles. Does that feel good, hon?” Elizabeth asked knowingly. Deborah smiled shyly.
Elizabeth slowly moves in for a kiss, taking great care not to startle Deborah again. She puts her left arm behind Deborah’s back and leans forward. Deborah, unaffected by her closeness, finds herself leaning back against Elizabeth as they continue watching television. Finding comfort in the warmth of Elizabeth’s body, Deborah snuggles in.
“Before you get too comfortable hon, let me get comfortable.” Without saying a word, Deborah sits up allowing Elizabeth to move freely. Elizabeth gets up and moves to the head of the bed, pulling down the covers enough to grab and adjust the pillows against the headboard. Once she’s comfortable, she motions for Deborah to came and lay next to her. Deborah gets up and crawls up the bed to Elizabeth’s left side.
Laying on her right side, Deborah snuggles inputting her left arm across Elizabeth’s belly. Elizabeth’s left arm is around Deborah’s shoulders and can easily touch the side of her tiny breast. Softly and slowly Elizabeth caresses her breast as they continue watching television. Every once in a while, Deborah lets out a little squeak of pleasure, trying hard to contain her excitement that continues to build inside.

Chapter 1, unfinished.

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