A submissive at work part one

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I walked into my hotel room and threw my suit case on the bed. I had two hours to transform myself from a ordinary man to a erotic sexy woman, yes I am a cross dresser. The fact is that I look and act like a woman when dressed is little comfort to me if I do not have the right thing to wear. I came to this place on a request from a man who I talked to on line. He paid for me to fly here and he got the hotel room and it will be me that will please him sexually. Make sure you understand I do not get paid for my service I am not a hooker, a whore yes but not a prostitute.
Before I leave to meet any man he must fit what I am looking for, strong bigger than me, loves to be controlling and he must love giving anal sex! The other thing I must know is what he likes, wants and expects from me. I am not in to pain but I like to be tied up once in a while too. I am a sex slut wanting needing sex often, I am also a cum slut wanting and needing that too.
Today this man paid my way to be here at this time, he wants me in a white bustier, stockings, and stilettos. I had everything but the stilettos as mine were black I had to buy them. As a man I have short hair but when I transform I glue a long hair wig into place so if the men wants to pull my hair he can! I am shaved from head to toe every bit of hair gone but what’s on my head. I have to be completely smooth for my man and clean both inside and out.
I get dressed and apply my makeup and insert a butt plug so he can use me without any slow time for insertion. For now I am ahead of my time by almost two hours so I put on a mini black dress over my lingerie and slip on a pair of panties and walk down to the bar. As normal I am hit on constantly and drinks are bought for me, I even get a few numbers so when my guy is done to call them oh and I will call. Medically diagnosed as a true nymphomaniac I can’t get enough sex.
The time was up and I get back to the room and wait inside, I no sooner take off the dress and panties when a knock at the door comes. My instructions were to answer the door read to be fucked. He told me he likes it a little rough. Throw me on the bed and fuck me there and then and if he is still hard to make him fuck me again. I look through the peep hole and the man does not look like the picture I saw but this happens all the time. I open the door wide and stand before him. He looks me over and moves in quickly closing the door behind him. I pushes me against the wall and starts to rub my cock and ball as he removes his pants. I wrap my one leg around him and my arms around his head as he forces his cock into my hole telling me he is very long endowed. He begins fucking me stand against the wall, then pulls his hard cock out of my lubed ass and forces me to my knees to complete the transaction of his seed into my mouth. Two pumps into it he started to shoot his load telling me to swallow it which was my intent all along.
Once he was done he ties me to the bed using rope from somewhere I do not know. He lays on top of me in a 69 position he gets me hard then jerks my cock so much I end up shooting my own load. He unties me only to tie me in a different position. My ankles are tied to my wrists and elbow to my knees then he starts eating my ass out, this makes me crazy and I need to be fucked. Soon he is hard again and he starts to fuck my ass but this time there is no way to control his depth as he pushes in deeper than I have ever gone before. He has a very long cock a good twelve inches and he is pushing it until his balls hit my ass. Now after five minutes of this he explodes deep inside my ass. Then pulls out and stands at the foot of the bed looking at my ass. He removes a camera and takes pictures of his seed running out of my ass. He looks around the room and finds my butt plug that he now pushes into my hole.
A knock come to the door and he opens it letting in two more men. One forces his large cock into my mouth and starts to gag me with it. I am helpless and enjoying every minute of it. The other man starts to feel my legs and how smooth they are, this in itself is a huge turn on for me. Without finishing the man pulls away from my mouth and I am untied and given a veil to put on much like a wedding veil, I am also given a mini skirt to wear and then made to follow the three men. We walk down and out of the hotel. With butt plug still in I am taken to the back of the hotel. One of the men pulls down his pants and sits on the grass, I am ordered to remove the plug and ride him in the open. With little to no thought I mount him as I ride his cock the other two take pictures and watch then they start jerking themselves off. Just as one of them starts to shoot he forces my face to his cock where he cums all over it. I lick what I can from his cock then he leaves. The guy I am riding is like a bucking bronco as I am up and down with his hard think cock inside me he explodes, then he roles me over and pumps a few more times while the other guy starts with the camera again. He slowly pulls his spent cock out as the camera clicks away. I was about to suck the last guy off when he almost jumps on top of me and fucks me hard for only a few second as he cums in me as well. They get up and leave taking the mini dress off me and veil.
Lucky for me the back door was open and I always hide a key to my room outside so if I lock myself out I can get in. I walk quietly threw the halls to my room as the sperm runs freely down my right leg. Once in my room I take a shower and clean up. I call one of the numbers I got in the bar earlier and ask what he wants me to wear, he tells me he wants me in black garters and stockings bra the whole works and he will bring some stuff for fun.
Excitedly I dress in my black lace garter bra and matching panties, I even have a knee length skirt and a off the shoulder top to finish the ensemble. A knock at the door and I open it with the guy standing there with a gym bag in his hand, always a good sign. He walks in and takes out a collar and restraints and has me put the restraints on. He watches me carefully then he tells me that we are going out and holds up the collar for me to see. The word ‘WHORE’ is on the collar. He attaches a small chain to my left wrist restraint telling me that he is in control and I am not to talk at all. We walk out of the hotel and drive to a biker bar in the country. I think im home!

To be continued.
please let me know how Im doing

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  1. MasterHank

    Excellent start I’m looking forward to more on this story I’d love to have you to play with for an evening or a month, pumping my cum down your throat and up yoour ass

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