Adult Video Arcade Invite

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It was about 6:00 o’clock on a Saturday evening and it was time to get fuel so I pulled off at the next stop. As I pulled in I noticed an Adult Book Store with a neon sign reading Adult Arcade and Theater. I always wanted to go to an actual adult movie theater, so I thought this was my chance.

After getting fuel I drove across the street to the Adult Store and parked. It looked a little busy there were about a dozen cars in the lot. I nervously went in and was quickly welcomed by the guy at the counter at the back wall of the store as I entered. I thought I would take a look around to see what it was like inside. The front section was the actual store and on the left near the rear of the store was a door with a sign overhead reading, Movie Theater. Between that door and the counter was a long dim lit hallway leading to the back with a sign overhead reading Video Arcade. I asked the guy at the counter about the theater and he said it was ten dollars an hour and I can come and go as I please. For instance, he said at anytime I can switch to an arcade booth and back to the theater and if I go past my time he’ll charge the difference before I leave. Knowing how time flys when your having fun, I said what the hell and gave him twenty for two hours.

After I entered I walked down a short dark hall that made a left to the back isle behind all the seating of the theater. Wow, it had a very large screen and seated about a hundred people. There were about eight guys sitting in different locations and there were two guys also sitting in separate locations with their cocks out stroking themselves. It was dark where I was standing in the back and I saw four or five guys standing against the wall watching the screen. I was nervous and thought I would just stand there and watch the movie instead of walking down where everyone would see me. After about twenty minutes or so the movie came to an end with the guy in the movie shooting his load all over a girls face and into her mouth. The guy standing near me walked out and I thought to myself that I should go check out the video booths an see what movies they had to offer. Just as the next movie began to start I headed out and went to the hall leading to the video arcade. I then made my way down the dim lit hall to the video arcade which covered a very large area. I checked out the ones to the left which were single booths and half had glory holes. The sight of those glory holes turned me on. I have been in many booths with those holes over the years hoping one day some guy will stick his cock through for me to enjoy. I thought I would check out the other end first before I go drop some money in a booth.

The other end of the arcade had six large booths for couples. I noticed the one all the way at the end had the door open so I walked down to take a peek. I got a very big surprise as I looked in. The guy that was standing near me at the theater was leaning against the wall by the opened door with his cock out stroking himself while he had a movie playing. I was instantly excited at what I saw and couldn’t help myself from looking down at his cock. When I looked back up he invited me in and said that I was welcome to watch. I started to turn and leave with embarrassment but I new this might be my chance to suck some cock. It has been a long time, but I sucked a cock once and really liked it and been wanting to do it again. Since this might be my chance I nervously walked in as I took him up on his offer and had a seat and began to watch the movie he had on. It was a girl down on her knees stroking and sucking a big hard cock. Within seconds of watching her suck cock and thinking about this guy here behind me stroking his own cock had me so turned on. He was clean looking and well dressed with a closely trimmed beard and looked to be in his late fifties. He then walk up beside me as I sat there in the chair and said that she looked good stroking and sucking that guy’s cock and I said yes she does. Then he told me that he would like me to do that to him. We both knew why I was there but all I could say was, “Hummmmm.”

He turned with his cock facing to my side and said here you know you want it. Looking away from the movie to my side there his cock was half erect staring me in the face. His cock was about six and a half inches or so long and when he told me go ahead don’t be shy I slowly and nervously reach out and wrapped my hand around his cock and began to slowly stroke him. His cock felt so good and quickly grew in my hand as I gently stroked it. He told me that my hand felt so much better than his. I became so turned on watching myself stroking on his hard cock. After a while of stroking his cock he moved around to the front of me now blocking the screen and placed a hand on the back of my head and guided me towards his cock while telling me that he wanted me to suck his cock. Without any resistance I opened my mouth just as the tip of his cock touched my lips. I slowly took the head of his cock in my mouth and began to suck slowly inching my way down his shaft. I soon had half his hard cock in my mouth and he began to moaned as I sucked up and down on his cock. As I continued to suck, I felt him place his other hand on the back of my head as he now guided me up and down on his hard cock with both hands. He moaned out and told me how good I was and that he wants me to suck him off and swallow his hot load. That really turned me on and made me take another inch of his cock into my mouth. I held the base of his cock with my right hand while I placed my other hand around the back of his upper thigh near his ass as I continued sucking his cock. He told me that his cock felt so good in my mouth and that I was such a good cock sucker. I then began to suck a little faster up and down on his cock as he guided along with his hands on the back of my head. I was now taking almost every inch of his cock stopping about an inch from the base where I hand my hand to prevent me from going to far and gagging. I was so turned on and excited as I continued sucking his big hard cock for sometime. The movie ran out of time and had stopped playing for awhile so slowly pulled his cock from my mouth and said that he better put some more money in the video machine.

Just as he was turning back around from dispensing some money in the machine I thought I would like it better down on my knees so I slid out of the chair and dropped to the floor onto my knees. “Oh yeah, you look much better down there,” he said and gently slapped his hard cock against my cheek a few times before guiding it back to my mouth. I grabbed the base of his cock and guided it back into my mouth and began sucking on his cock again. He soon began telling me how good his cock felt and asked if I was going to swallow his load when he came. With his cock still in my mouth as I continued sucking him, I muffled out, “ah huh.” He let me suck on his cock for a short while before he pulled out of my mouth. He then wrapped his hand around his hard cock and began to stroke himself right there in front of my face. His cock was just a few inches away pointing straight at my face as I watched. Watching him stroking his cock right in front of my face was the biggest turn on ever. When I told him how much I liked watching him stroking his cock he said, “Oh yeah, wait until I cum and you can watch my cum shoot into your mouth.” I felt a tremble rush through my body and told him, “Oh yes, cum in my mouth!” As he stroked on his cock he told me that he wanted to watch his cum shoot into my mouth and then watch me swallow it down my throat. I was so turned on and I began coaching him along telling him things like, “Oh yeah, cum, cum in my mouth!” The longer this continued the more I wanted him to shoot his load and taste his cum.

Then he soon told me to open my mouth wide that he was about to cum. I said, “Oh yes, cum,” and opened my mouth wide for him to cum. Like I said this was the biggest turn on ever watching him stroke his cock as I knelt there in front of him now holding my mouth open for him to dump his load as he continued to stroke his cock. Then he stepped closer resting the head of his cock on my tongue as he let out a moan and said here it comes! His cock erupted as he began to shoot his cum load into my mouth. I felt and tasted his hot cum shoot into my mouth as he grunted and moaned as he stroked releasing every drop of his cum into my mouth. Just as he finished cumming and stepped back, I felt a drop of his cum running down my chin where it had dripped from his cock when he finished cumming. As he then looked down at me I closed my mouth and swallowed his cum right down my throat then with my finger I wiped his cum up from my chin and right into my mouth. As he pulled up his pants, he asked if I enjoyed sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. When I told him yes, he said maybe I’ll catch you around sometime and you can do me again. Not knowing I was just passing through I told him, yeah maybe and then he walked out the door. I then adjusted my clothes and headed out. As I passed the guy at the counter he pointed at me and then motioned at his chest. I thought no way and as I looked down at my chest I quickly became embarrassed as I saw a nickel size drop of cum on the left side of my chest. I like hid it with my hand and quickly exited the store. Just as soon as I got into my car I found a napkin and wiped the cum off of my shirt before driving away.

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