Adventures Of Dan To Darly




by Miss Darly

I recently was married to a women named Jill who I knew was somewhat bossy, but really had no idea how bossy. After six months she began making suggestions and they were put in such a way that they seemed more like just do it or else. The first suggestion was to let my hair grow long, I complied. The second thing she suggested was to have my facial hair laser-ed, full removal of all facial hair, I complied. Eight months passed, my hair grew to shoulder length and my face became very smooth. What I didn’t know was Jill had been slipping me estrogen in my breakfast food which I began to notice by having hot flashes and tender breasts. By the way, my breasts had started to grow much to my embarrassment to small pointed peaks much like a puberty teen girl.

One weekend Jill came home with a hair dye kit and told me to sit at the kitchen sink. She proceed to dye my hair golden blonde and cut the ends to an even blunt cut. She looked me square in the eyes and said “I am going to make you into my girlfriend and from now on you will answer to the name Darly.” This worried me because I worked and wondered how co-workers would react to my weekend change. I really didn’t know how to react to Jill, but decided to go along as she was not asking my opinion. People at my work took notice to my new flowing blonde hair and small points in my shirt. They started teasing me about my girly hair, but I could do nothing so I let it slide.

A few more months went by when Jill came home with new clothes for me. She had several dresses, skirts, pantyhose, and a ton of undergarments. I knew where this was now going. She was going to make me be a girl. Saturday morning Jill combed and curled my hair, applied full makeup, dressed me in a little school girl like dress, and stated, “We are going to the mall together.” She had one other addition to add to the outfit, a pin button that read ” I give free BJ.” Off we went. At the mall I felt very, very, sort of pretty and deep down liked how I looked and how others looked at me.

We were standing in the food court line when a guy behind me said, “Is that true?”

I replied, “Is what true?”

“You give free blow jobs?”

Jill turned to him and said, “It is true she is a cocksucker for free.”

Jill told the guy to come with us. He thought I was a young woman. He saw a pretty dress, pink lips, blonde hair flowing over my face, and a perky pair of tits. The three of walked together to a mall department store and into a dressing room. Jill told me to get down on my knees. I obeyed. The guy unzipped his pants and exposed a hard penis near my face. He thrust his hands into my hair and pulled my mouth to his penis. I opened to receive the hard meat. He shoved his cock deep into my mouth and I began to suck for all I was worth. Jill looked down at me with approving eyes. I sucked until I felt hot goo shooting down my throat. I swallowed and swallowed as he shot his cum. When he finished he withdrew his cock but was not finished. He shot one more squirt onto my forehead for good measure.

Jill looked at him and said, “Did my little whore do a good job for you?”

He smiled as he tucked his cock away. “She knows how to suck cock, is she available to fuck?”

“Not just yet,” Jill said, “but soon.”

We left the dressing room. My hair was mussed and my lipstick smeared. “You look a mess Darly, let’s get to the restroom and get you presentable. Who knows, you may have more cocks to suck today.”

Jill brushed my hair and tied it into a perky ponytail. We left the restroom and began walking the mall. We sat for awhile when a young man, perhaps teen, approached and read my button. He looked at Jill then me. “Is that pin for real?”

I looked into his eyes and answered before Jill could say a word. “Yes, I give blow jobs for free.”

“Where can we go,” he asked.

“To the department store dressing room,” I replied. Off we went for another event.

We entered the dressing room and I folded to my knees. His cock was out and hard. He jerked my ponytail as I inhaled the cock. He came quickly and with a tremendous volume. He filled my mouth three times and the cum ran down my chin. He kept thrusting and cumming over and over. I gagged twice but swallowed it all as fast as I could. Jill just smiled as I came to my feet. She stroked my hair and said,”Good little whore, you are a real bitch cocksucker.”

The young man departed but Jill and I stayed. She put her hand up my dress and felt my hard cock. “You horny little bitch, pull down those panties and jerk it off for me!”

I removed the shear lace panties and took my little cock in hand and begin stroking it. It took about a dozen strokes and then cum galore flowed all over my pantyhose. Jill ordered, “Take that milk off your legs and lick it up. Eat your own cum you little whore!”

I ate every drop to please her. My day was over and I had become her personal whore. I knew that this was just the start of many things to come. I knew she would transform me into the girl she wanted. I knew my days were numbered until she would allow a man to fuck me.

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