I had a hard time at school the weeks following my first fuck session with my family. We no longer wore  much clothing around the house anymore, my brother Kent and sister Ana each had their own place, but they visited often.

Sex with mom and dad was good, even when Kent came over, it was ok, watching Kent and dad together took a bit getting use to it, but it was interesting. When Ana came over I got so excited, ever since the first time with the family, I felt like I was in love with her, I mean more than just sisterly love, I loved her like a lover.

When she came over we both went to my room and had our wicked way with each other, she introduced me to all kinds of new toys, we didn’t have sex, and we made love together.

There was only three weeks left in school, and then I will be free, at least until College starts. Ana lives near a big university that I got into; my sister goes there and is finishing up her fourth year there.

Everybody here at school has been treating me different and looking at me, ever since that weekend I lost my virginity. All of the girls I know are either lesbian or bisexual and a lot of the guys have figured out I am no longer a virgin, even some of the teachers are checking me out since I am eighteen now.

Among the different extracurricular activities I did at school, I worked in the library helping shelve books, and helping the librarians. About three weeks after my first time it was my turn to stay late working in the library after school.

Me and the head librarian Lilly were in the back room alone drinking some soda and have a snack. She was wearing this really nice long yellow dress; I was wearing what I usually wore, jeans and t-shirt.

Lily and me were looking at some new books that came in when she spilled some soda all over my shirt and a little on my pants. I stood up to wipe it with the sleeve of my shirt. Lilly came over with a rag and started wiping up the soda, as she was moving the rag across my shirt, she said, “I am so sorry. I don’t know how that happened.”

I stopped her hand and held it; I looked into her eyes as I drew her close to me and said, “I think I know how and why it happened. Do you think I haven’t noticed you looking me over? Nancy told me about you and her.”

Lily moved closer, her lips were hovering over mine when she said, “She did? I will have to talk to her, maybe even have you there to confront her about these lies.” After she finished talking she planted a big kiss on my lips. I parted her lips with my tongue as my hand moved up inside her dress.

I was surprised she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it, but then Nancy did tell me she never wears anything underneath. My hand cupped her pussy and I inserted a few fingers as she moaned in pleasure.

We went to the board room, where there was a large oak table with papers in the middle. We cleared off the table and undressed, after kissing with our naked bodies pressing each other; she laid me down on the table and started rubbing my clit with her fingers. Her mouth quickly replaced her fingers which went deep inside me.

She then moved and lowered her pussy on top of my mouth. We both laid there eating each other for hours. We Changed positions every fifteen to twenty minutes.

We were in such ecstasy; we didn’t realize it was very late. We laid there on the table holding each other until I saw that it was seven o’clock. I jumped up and put my clothes on in a hurry, I looked at Lily and said, “I’m sorry, it’s late and my parents are probably worried that I am not home yet.”

Lily walked over to me naked and held me close, she kissed me passionately and said, “I understand dear, but the only thing they will most likely be mad about is not being able to fuck you yet.”

I was in shock; I didn’t know how she could know about what I and my family do. All I could think of to say was, “Ewww, my family would never do anything like that.”

Lily was moving my hair around while I was talking, after I finished, she replied, “I know what goes on hunny. I was at your neighbor’s house when you were looking through the window; we all knew you were there.” She kissed me on the lips and continued, “Your parents said they would initiate you,” she chuckled as she continued; “I see they did a good job. Now, go home and maybe we will pick this up with Nancy some other time. Remember, we need to keep this between us.”

I kissed Lily and headed home, when I walked in the kitchen, mom and dad were sitting there talking; mom looked up and said, “I am glad you’re home sweetie. You missed dinner; I have some keeping warm in the oven.”

I smiled and replied, “I’m sorry, got busy at the school library and forgot to call.” I winked at them and said, “You can punish me if you like?”

Mom and dad looked at each other and said, “That won’t be necessary, Lily called and apologized for keeping you late. You go ahead and eat; you can join us in the study when you are finished.”

Mom held dad’s cock and led them out of the kitchen, later after I finished eating dinner, I took off my clothes and joined them in study, we fell asleep holding each other after a few of hours of great sex.


A couple of days later I was invited to the football team’s after practice party. I had heard rumors of things that went on at them. When I entered the house, I was told the party is out back. I walked out on the patio and saw all the football players standing around drinking and talking.

When I walked over to the pool and took off my top and pants revealing my sheer bikini, all the players stopped what they were doing and looked at me. I could tell what they wanted, and it wasn’t long before they confirmed my suspicions.

The quarterback sat next to me on the edge of the pool, as he leaned in to kiss me, his hands quickly removed my top and bottom. Someone put a soft mat behind me and I laid down on it.

He was soon massaging my clit with his tongue while his fingers penetrated my pussy and ass. I noticed another player was sucking his cock, when he was hard, he changed position and started to fuck me with his hard cock.

I looked around and saw some of the players standing there watching us and some of the other players were sucking each other’s cock.

Before long I was on my hands and knees, I had a player underneath me fucking me, while another was fucking my ass, and I was sucking another’s cock. I realized this was my first gangbang, and it felt wonderful.

I had heard the entire team was bisexual, but never believed it until now. I almost had a heart attack when the quarterback’s parents came out to the patio. His mom Debbie walked up to me and the three football players fucking and sucking and said, “Is this the little slut from school? “

Her husband John took off his pants and scooted the person I was sucking away and put his cock in my mouth, he grabbed the back of my head and forced me to mouth fuck his huge cock.

Debbie meanwhile was on her hands and knees next to me, she also had a cock in her pussy, ass and mouth. The boys and man were fucking both of us with the same rhythm, it was like synchronized fucking.

Every time someone came, they came on a different part of my body, it wasn’t long before I was covered in cum, same with the Debbie, her entire body, like mine, was covered in cum, it was dripping from our faces, backs, arms, legs, everywhere.

While the boys and John took a break from me and Debbie and sucked each other’s cock, Debbie brought out a long black double ended dildo.

Debbie squatted in front of me and inserted the dildo into her and motioned me to come to her with her fingers. I was in a trance by this point and walked over to her. I sat down in front of her and she inserted the other end into my pussy.

We sat there and fucked each other’s pussy with the dildo while the other’s watched us and sucked each other. After a while we both erupted at the same time, our juices joining all of the other the juices on our bodies.

Debbie told me lay down, I did as I was told, like a good little slut, Debbie licked all the combined juices off of me, but only after she added some of her own.

This went on from like four in the afternoon until ten. When I left, I was so sore and hurting all over, but it felt good. What Debbie called me kept going through my mind, I was a little slut, and you know what, I was proud of it. I couldn’t wait until this weekend and my family took me to the neighbor’s house for my real initiation into this wonderful world of sex.


When I went to school the next day, I couldn’t believe how popular I was. It seemed like everybody, both fellow students and teachers wanted to be my friend now.  I was like the queen of the school, I was just sad that I didn’t become popular until the end of school.

When Friday finally came, I was so excited, it was only one more day until the party, I was getting wet just thinking about, and mom and dad told me to lay off the sex until then. I was one horny bitch by Friday afternoon.

Thought walking home would take the edge off my horniness, but that would turn out to be a big mistake. As I walked past an alley, someone grabbed and forced me to go with them. They had one arm around my waist so I couldn’t move my arms, and the other was around my neck with their hands on my mouth so I couldn’t yell for help.

From the size and roughness of their hands, I could tell it was a man. He forced me into a door that led into an abandoned factory. He dragged me into a big open room and threw me on the dirty floor. That is when I saw his face; it was Mr. Bishop, the shop teacher.

He walked over to me, as he stood above me he said, “It’s time I get my pleasure of you little bitches. All day long you all walk up and down the hallway moving your asses, like bitches in heat, teasing everyone last one of us. You all are fucking and sucking when you think we don’t see that, but we do, you are not hiding anything; all the teachers let you all get away acting like whores. I’m going to get what all you bitches should be giving me.”

For the first time in my life I was truly scared for my life, I started to cry. Mr. Bishop slapped me hard across the face and said, “Shut up bitch.” He grabbed me by my long hair and dragged me to a dirty disgusting mattress and threw me on it.

As I laid there crying and hurting, I saw him taking off his pants. After his pants were off, he walked over to me and ripped my clothes off and threw them in a pile a few feet from me.

He forced me on my hands and knees and rammed his cock into my pussy, it hurt so much and I just wanted it to end. After a while, he rammed his cock into my ass, he grabbed my hair again and pulled it hard so my head was forcibly brought backwards.

When he was finished, he pulled out and forced me on my back, he came all over my face and pushed me hard back on the mattress. I just laid there in pain and hoping it would end.  He picked up a dirty rusty disgusting metal pipe and showed it to me, as he held it up he said, “I bet you don’t know what I am going to do with this.”

I knew exactly what he was going to do with it, he bent down and forced it all the way into my pussy, the pain was unbearable.

Finally it was over, I just laid there, I pretended to be unconscious, I saw him put his clothes back on, and as he started to leave, he turned and said, “I hope you die and rot here.”

It took me a long time to get the strength to get up. I found my clothes and slowly walked out of the abandoned factory. It took me a few minutes to get my bearings, after I remembered where I was, I headed to my sister’s house.

When Ana answered the door she was in horror by the way I looked. She quickly picked me up and carried me to the living room and laid me down on the couch. She was crying when she asked, “What the hell happened to you sis?”

I couldn’t speak at first, as I tried to speak, Ana said, “Oh my god, you are bleeding!” I saw Ana walk over to the phone and pick it up. I could see her talking to someone, but I couldn’t hear to who she was talking to.

Ana hung up the phone and when I saw her face I managed to say, “I was raped, by Mr. Bishop the shop teacher in the old abandoned factory on Elm Street.”  I heard her say something that I couldn’t make out right before I passed out.


I woke up the next day in the hospital. Ana was next to my bed, when I saw her looking at me I smiled; she walked over and held my hand as I said, “I’m sorry sis if I ruined your couch.”

Ana laughed a little and said, “Don’t worry about the couch; I am going to take care of you from now on.” Ana kissed me on my forehead and whispered in my ear, “I love you so much.”

As the days went by, Ana told me the pipe he used messed me really bad, so bad that I will never be able to have kids, not that I really want any in the first place.

She also told me, that with the evidence they found in the factory, the DNA they got off of me, Mr. Bishop was arrested and will be in jail for a long time.

When I heard that I smiled at Ana and she held my hand, she sat there holding my hand for a while, finally she broke the silence saying, “When you leave here, you will not be going back to the house with mom and dad. We all talked about it and you will be coming to live with me, I will take care of you and nurse you back to health.” When Ana spoke the last part, she was winking at me.

I smiled back at her and while my hand was parting the hair covering her face I said, “I am so lucky to have a nurse as beautiful and sexy as you.”

Ana spent every night and day by my side in the hospital, when I was discharged, mom and dad drove me and Ana to her house. She walked me to the room she set aside for me and when I entered it, I saw it was set exactly like I had it set up at mom and dad’s house.

I walked over to my bed and saw it was covered with get well cards, my diploma on top and even a football signed by the entire team. I started to cry, I couldn’t believe that so many people cared for a little slut like me.

I turned and saw my family in the doorway, mom said, “Don’t worry, when you are ready, you can still go to our parties, if you still want to.”

I just smiled and said, “Of course I want to, I am a little slut and I am horny as ever.” After mom and dad left, I carefully put everything on my bed on neat piles on my dresser. I then took off my clothes and lay down and tried to sleep.

After a few hours of tossing and turning, I went to my sister’s room; I crawled in bed and lay close to her feeling her warm body next to mine. When I put my arm around her, she woke up, she rose up her head and said, “What’s wrong sis? Are you ok?”

I cuddled closer and said, “I’m fine sis, I just don’t want to be alone. You are so warm; I want to sleep with you tonight if you don’t mind.”

Ana looked at me and said as she moved closer to me, “You can sleep here anytime you want baby. My bed is your bed.”

I smiled and kissed her gently. I looked in her eyes and got lost, finally I said, “Sis, can I say something and promise not to get weird or mad.”

Ana’s face got serious and said, “What is it Jessica, you can say anything you want to me, I promise not to get weird or mad, besides we have sex with our family, how much weirder can that get.”

I smiled and laughed. I laid there looking in her eyes and playing with her hair, finally I said, “Ana, you are my sister, but I really wish you weren’t my sister.”

Ana interrupted me and said with confusion, “Why don’t you want to be my sister?”

I kissed her and said, “Because, if you weren’t my sister, I could marry you and make you my wife.” I moved her hair out of her face again; she looked like she was deep in thought.

Finally Ana said, “That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said,” Ana kissed me passionately and continued, “If we weren’t sisters, and you proposed, I would be the happiest woman in the world.”

Ana rolled over and we cuddled and spooned all night. I do have to admit, that was the best night’s rest I ever had.




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