All Girl School

I had really strict parents my whole life so when they caught my jerking off my boyfriend, they were PISSED. There solution was sending me to an all girls school. I had only been there a week before I missed having a nice hard dick to play with. The feeling was overwhelming. I lay sprawled on my bed in a black lace thong and matching bra. Slowly, I worked my hands from my ample breasts down to my wet pussy. I rubbed my clit furiously through the lace. My back arched. Fuck, I really needed this.I started feeling the rush of warmth between my legs right as my roommate Casey walked in.

“Naughty!” She joked out loud, pushing her reddish hair behind her shoulder. “Can I join?” I was so horny I found myself nodding despite never being with a girl before. Casey unbuttoned her blouse and unstrapped her bra in a hurry.

“Suck these nice big tits, bitch.” she growled. I eagerly obliged, taking her nice full tits in my mouth. I flicked her nipples with my tongue until they were hard, and then bit and sucked at them. She moaned, pulling my head down on her fun bags. Abruptly, she pulled me off of them by my hair. She crawled on top of me so her ass was in my face and her lips were locked on my clit. Fuck. She sucked like a pro. Flicking my rock hard clit with her tongue until I came to a shaking orgasm. She didn’t stop.

“Hey bitch, this isn’t a one way street-you better start licking.” I dived in fucking her hot little hole with my tongue. She started gyrating on my face. All at once she stopped licking and squirted all over my face howling like a sex crazed animal.

“That was great,” I huffed.

“Oh, we’re not done yet.” She laughed. She sexily sauntered to her dresser and pulled out a double sided dildo that was so large it made my knees shake. “I was hoping I could use this on you. Now open wide,” she said as she easily shoved half into her waiting pussy while moaning heavily. It was the most erotic scene to see her pussy stretched tight around the 2 inch wide, 14 inch long dildo. She crawled up to me and stuck the other end into my gaping hole slowly. It hurt as it stretched me out but watching Casey’s erotic face made it seem not as bad. Slowly the whole thing fit. We bucked against each other until we both came to a screaming orgasm. Casey squirted all over the room. “We might just have fun,” she said.

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